Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Morning Coffee

I love morning coffee. I never would have thought I would consider myself a morning person, but here I am. At night I look forward to my next morning in my studio with a steaming cup of coffee and the birds and squirrels doing their thing out in the world outside my window.

I particularly love morning coffee when there is no deadline.
No designated hour of departure for work, errands, commitments.

I love being alone and meditating. I love writing a letter to my friends or family in other worlds. I love watching the change of seasons.

Here comes a fat gray squirrel through the branches, making them bounce like a fierce storm. I guess he is not trying to sneak up on anyone.

When the leaves are off the trees it makes it much easier to see who has come for breakfast.

Last year we had a little jungle gym set up for squirrel acrobatics. We tied knots in a long piece of rope which we then wound among the lower branches of the maple tree outside my studio.
Through each knot we pushed a small nail and onto each nail we skewered a peanut. This provided many hours of entertainment and I believe attracted the flying squirrels who eventually became my friends.

I haven't seen the flying squirrels since March (baby season) but I have not been vigilant about putting out treats or standing outside and calling them with a handful of peanuts. Perhaps they think I have forgotten them.
I better get back to those duties ASAP.

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