Friday, November 16, 2007

Northern Night Sky

I walked out my door last night and said, "Oh Wow!" The stars were so bright against the pitch black sky that they took me by surprise.
I had been out walking earlier, and the sky had been a flat black/gray, a remnant from the rainy day that had passed.
The sky here is big. When I think those words to myself I usually follow it with the thought, "if this is big I wonder what Montana is like" And I hope someday to see, but I am in love with our sky. Day and night it takes my breath away. Big puffy clouds in a sea of blue or black eternity scattered with shining diamonds - I can never get enough of it.

Last night on my final walk, I made a wish for someone else. I sent a prayer up to the universe that my friend will know happiness and health. Just as I finished, a shooting star flew by - I hadn't planned to wish on a falling star, but the universe provided one for me, like a confirmation. I don't pray in general. I learned all the usual group prayers through years of Sunday School, and Catholic highschool, but I don't repeat them any more. I like to hear a group say them, and I let myself ride up on the wave of unity that is so rare in a world of struggling individuals.
I try to keep it simple and practice gratitude and acceptance. I say ThankYou to the universe that provides and the people who make my life rich. So when I prayed for someone else last night it was spontaneous and unusual for me. That falling star in a night sky that made me say WOW seemed special and worth writing about and remembering.

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Butterfly Goddess said...

Dear Glorious Gertrude,

I can so relate to the inspiration from the night sky to pray, and to contemplate how big the world is. And also to the sensation of hearing a group pray together. I love the image of the falling star and you uttering a prayer for someone you care about. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.