Monday, November 5, 2007

Saving Daylight

Who invented daylight savings time? Who decided that we should be plunged into darkness even earlier than the shorter winter days already hand out? Would it be so terrible if we didn't turn our clocks back?

I HATE daylight savings time. I think it is a pompous, patronizing, archane mechanism left over from the days of wood stoves, and children who walked for an hour to school through the dark cold mornings - not riding around in their BMWs like teenagers today.

Now I AM a fan of wood stoves and walking to school. Slow the world down a bit. Even the playing field for children. I walked to school every day from Kindergarden to 6th grade when I moved away and couldn't walk to school because the local schools were not adequate and I was sent to private school and forced to wear plaid skirts - but that is a rant for another day.
When I was in first grade through 6th, I walked to school in blizzards. I walked backward down the hill with scarves wrapped around my head and sometimes I pulled down my wool hat and breathed into the hat to warm my face. I never had ear muffs. I always wanted them. Boots made me feet hot, hats made my head hot, wool made my skin itch, and yet, I still love winter.

So I would like to lead a revolution against the institution of daylight savings time. I would like to refuse to set my clock back and lead the huddled masses into the daylight. Who ARE we saving the daylight for if not for ourselves? Don't we work hard? Don't we deserve the daylight?

Do Europeans have daylight savings time? They take siestas and have high tea. How did we get so uncivilized?

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cbaker16 said...

You rant divinely, my dear. I was very happy for daylight savings time this time around because I was in Dallas when it happened, on the second day of a two day class and it put me back on East Coast time (or, rather, what my body remembered East Coast time to be). That kept me from being as wiped out as I normally am after we finish teaching for a weekend.

But, yes, getting darker earlier? Not my cuppa.