Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Exploring The Others

You never know what you will find when you go looking.
I have been cruising around the blogging world - looking at what is out there.
I have found Chinese Women Dating; the documentation of a home under construction; consice thoughts on life; nearly pornographic poetry; stories of pet owners; World of Warcraft diaries; you name it there is a blog out there for it.

I am very new to the blogging world, but not new to journaling. I have had multiple journals in my life, frequently different ones going at the same time. I have a "book of happiness" that I started in my 30's because I wanted a creative outlet that was purely for recording happiness. Something I could share with others.
Most of my writing up to that point was a bleak expression of my depression. The Book of Happiness was an experiment in keeping track of what made me smile, who and what I loved and what I hoped for. These days my writing is mostly about what makes me happy. I would rather spend my mental time and effort on things I love, believing in and conjuring the best in life.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kidney Stone Zombies

Tuesday night - 7:30pm - Hubby is unable to form complete sentences due to pain. 8:30pm we are on our way through the blizzard to the emergency room.

*******Hubby has kidney stones coming out of BOTH kidneys! *******
and it is hell. Thank heaven for IV pain killers.

8 hours later we are told the CT scan shows 6mm stone in his right kidney/ureter area and his kidney is severly enlarged and he has to stay and have a procedure the next day.

I was so tired I wanted to stay there myself.

He has been suffering for years with stones on the left side, "passing gravel" for years since they put him on the pottasium citrate.

"A kidney stone,
A thing so small
Is hardly worth a mention
Unless your trying to pass the things
They quickly get your attention.
There is a cure,
I promise you
That this is not a joke.
Puree a bunch of asparagus
And chase with a liter of coke."
-borrowed from a neighborly blog "A Minute with Billy Barton"


Monday, January 21, 2008

Squirrel World Addition

Hubby is so cute. He created a new squirrel feature for Flying Squirrel World.

He took an old strainer and hooked it up to a bungy system that we bought at Kmart and usually holds big bricks of seed. The squirrels would sit on the brick and nibble. Impressive balancing skills. This new invention contains peanuts, the most desireable of all squirrel treats.

They enter the basket via a rope ladder attached to an old anchor, the basket bounces around alittle when they enter it.

It is a hit. A moment ago two red squirrels were fighting over it. Ms. Red is very aggressive, she sent a colleague flying for cover. Hubby is very proud.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Not Much Of A Watchdog

My dog is half pit-bull,

half poodle.

Not much of a watchdog,

but a vicious gossip!

-Craig Shoemaker

As some of you may know, Murphy the Golden Retriever is the center of our family unit. We do not have two legged children only four legged. One of my Xmas gifties from Hubby was a Golden Retriever a day calendar and each day/picture has a quotation on it. I thought this one was worth sharing. My uncles have a big black standard poodle named Fanta. She is gorgeous. She has even done some modeling! So it made me laugh even more to think of Fanta with a long cigarette holder and a martini glass, leaning over to whisper some tidbit to her friend at the "club".

Murphy is far to sweet to gossip. He thinks everyone is his best friend. He thinks every animal and human are here to admire and adore him. And he admires and adores them, sometimes more than they care for. My Mom's cat has of course asserted his dominance when we all share the cabin. But M can't help but want to stick his nose in that soft kitty tummy. I know how he feels. It is hard for me to walk past Murphy and not bend over and stick my nose in HIS tummy. He is trully irresistible.

We were out in the yard today setting up the squirrel trapeze and perfecting the peanut basket. I will post some pictures when it is finished and hopefully catch some of my squirrely friends in action. It is about 6 degrees out right now, I couldn't feel my chin when I finally came back inside.

We are headed to town now, trying to beat the blizzard headed our way.
Later Gator.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Look What I Found!

Stumbled on this web site. Click on the 06 road sign and check out the fun pics and writing.
I was entertained, and thought you might be too.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

All Is Lost!!!!

Some piece of crap with the skills of a ninja, decided to use those skills to destroy my hard drive! Absolutely wiped it clean....my writing....my photos.....my music. Gone. Gone. Gone.

I am trying not to cling to the loss.

That doesn't mean I won't rant for a few minutes before I let it go.

What kind of an evil bastard makes software that wipes out someone else's computer? They don't get to see the damage they did. They don't get to admire the destruction they have wrought. They don't see how upset their victim becomes. They don't profit from the repairs that are required. What do they get? What is the pleasure?

I want to find the person who booby trapped the email, or the web site where I was just minding my own business. I want to find them and kick the crap out of their computer...maybe take it to the top of a tall building and drop if to the ground like Dave Letterman does.

Then take what is left of their computer and bring it out to the gun range. I will take my husband's mossberg and fire a dozen shells into it.

When I am done destroying things they love, I will then take their credit cards and spend lots and lots of their money on a new computer and printer and furniture and a vacation for two to Italy!
Let them see how it feels to have something they value taken from them. Then I would somehow manage to get them banned from all internet access. I don't know how I would accomplish that but where there is a will, there is a way!

I am wailing and gnashing my teeth!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The truth you believe
and cling to
makes you unavailable
to hear anything new.

~Pema Chodron

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Faux Spring

Several days above freezing this past week. Also two days in the 50's and 60's. All the snow is gone and the world looks very much like it did at Thanksgiving.

When I get home from work, around sunset, the sun has moved low enough on the horizon to be above the water line on Lake Ontario, and below the cloud line, so we get an hour of golden, sunset light. Murphy and I have taken advantage of the warmth and been walking the neighborhood again.

Yesterday, he took possession of every yard we passed. He has grown into a big boy and decided to make his mark...so to speak.

Murphy is the only dog on the road right now. The big great dane (Banner) passed away this last Autumn. He was HUGE and sweet! He was the size of a deer. One night I was walking with Murphy and Banner was outside on the long lead in the side yard. He was back lit by a spot light, reared up on his back legs and barked like a monster. He was very fierce! And knowing what a big baby he really is made it even better. He would come around the table to where his "mommy" was sitting and put his chin on her shoulder, or pick up her arm with his nose, for a petting. He could curl up on his giant pillow and giant bone, and look like a little pup. Very cute.

There are coyotes in the woods. In fact, they say the coyote population is bigger than it has ever been. (They might say that every year...I'll let you know next year) During the summer, we heard them singing and crying frequently. It is wild to hear a coyote concerto.

The weather is changing back to appropriate winter weather, through this week. It will be snowing again by the end of the week.
If you are going to live in the North Country you better accept the snow.

Finished reading Golden Compass and on to the Subtle Knife (The "His Dark Materials Trilogy" by Philip Pullman). They seem to be best read as one unit, the first book did not end with a tidy finish, glad I got the trilogy for Christmas. I am enjoying them alot.

Onward and outward into the world on another adventure in the North Country.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

On A Clear Day...

What an interesting time we have had with our weather! For those of you who don't live in Northern New York...we who do are weather obsessed. I don't have alot of explanation for it, but summer, winter, spring....we all want to know what the weather is. Traveling long distances for simple matters like grocery shopping is common here so weather issues impact those plans.
I think alot more time is spent outdoors here as well. I walk my dog more, I get outside more here than I ever did in the city. Especially summer, but winter too.
Everyone I know tunes into the "weather on the tens", has some kind of radar cued up on their computer screen, and looks at The Weather Channel often.

Living on a Great lake is an adventure in weather. Living out in the Adirondacks is too. Living in-between them both, up on the Tug Hill Plateau is an entirely different climate and adventure in weather. (They used to be famous for getting the most snow fall in the country....don't know if that is still a current fact but they get ALOT of snow)

In the last two weeks, we here on Lake Ontario have had 10 inches of snow,60 degree days and wild whirling winds hitting 58 miles an hour!!! It was scary. I was in the shower when my area lost power for a few minutes. Our generator kicked on so I could dress for work. Later in the day we heard about a tractor trailer blown off Rt 81 and hanging off the Ogdensburg Bridge! (north of us - heading over the Canada)

For those few days that were warm and spring-like all the snow melted away.
Tonight I went for a long luxurious walk with my favorite Golden Retriever and we enjoyed the false Spring very much. It was a pleasure to walk on dry ground. To not have to walk like a penguin because you might slip on the snow or ice. It was also a delight to have some daylight left...the further we get from the Solstice, the more sun there is when I get off work AND the winds from yesterday blew the cloud cover into next week (literally - next week we are expecting 7 straight days of snow). It was also a pleasure to not have to shovel the driveway when I got home from work. Again, I try to practice acceptance in these matters.

The walk was lovely. The sky was lovely and full of setting sunlight, there were good earth smells and though it was cold enough to need a hat over my ears, it was pleasant enough to be able to walk slow and enjoy the shadows changing and the bending of weeds in the wind.

Last night I stood outside in what was left of the wind and looked at the stars. We haven't seen the stars in at least a week. They were brilliant, blazing, huge beacons! I kept saying "wow". It was warmish, and I wanted to get the lawn chair out and lie down and watch them for a while....well, it wasn't THAT warm....so I went back in like the sensible woman that I am.

Well, next week we will be snowed in again.
Living in the North Country and asking, "do you think it will snow?" is like asking "do you think the sun will come up."
Bundle up!