Thursday, January 17, 2008

All Is Lost!!!!

Some piece of crap with the skills of a ninja, decided to use those skills to destroy my hard drive! Absolutely wiped it music. Gone. Gone. Gone.

I am trying not to cling to the loss.

That doesn't mean I won't rant for a few minutes before I let it go.

What kind of an evil bastard makes software that wipes out someone else's computer? They don't get to see the damage they did. They don't get to admire the destruction they have wrought. They don't see how upset their victim becomes. They don't profit from the repairs that are required. What do they get? What is the pleasure?

I want to find the person who booby trapped the email, or the web site where I was just minding my own business. I want to find them and kick the crap out of their computer...maybe take it to the top of a tall building and drop if to the ground like Dave Letterman does.

Then take what is left of their computer and bring it out to the gun range. I will take my husband's mossberg and fire a dozen shells into it.

When I am done destroying things they love, I will then take their credit cards and spend lots and lots of their money on a new computer and printer and furniture and a vacation for two to Italy!
Let them see how it feels to have something they value taken from them. Then I would somehow manage to get them banned from all internet access. I don't know how I would accomplish that but where there is a will, there is a way!

I am wailing and gnashing my teeth!

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