Saturday, January 12, 2008

Faux Spring

Several days above freezing this past week. Also two days in the 50's and 60's. All the snow is gone and the world looks very much like it did at Thanksgiving.

When I get home from work, around sunset, the sun has moved low enough on the horizon to be above the water line on Lake Ontario, and below the cloud line, so we get an hour of golden, sunset light. Murphy and I have taken advantage of the warmth and been walking the neighborhood again.

Yesterday, he took possession of every yard we passed. He has grown into a big boy and decided to make his to speak.

Murphy is the only dog on the road right now. The big great dane (Banner) passed away this last Autumn. He was HUGE and sweet! He was the size of a deer. One night I was walking with Murphy and Banner was outside on the long lead in the side yard. He was back lit by a spot light, reared up on his back legs and barked like a monster. He was very fierce! And knowing what a big baby he really is made it even better. He would come around the table to where his "mommy" was sitting and put his chin on her shoulder, or pick up her arm with his nose, for a petting. He could curl up on his giant pillow and giant bone, and look like a little pup. Very cute.

There are coyotes in the woods. In fact, they say the coyote population is bigger than it has ever been. (They might say that every year...I'll let you know next year) During the summer, we heard them singing and crying frequently. It is wild to hear a coyote concerto.

The weather is changing back to appropriate winter weather, through this week. It will be snowing again by the end of the week.
If you are going to live in the North Country you better accept the snow.

Finished reading Golden Compass and on to the Subtle Knife (The "His Dark Materials Trilogy" by Philip Pullman). They seem to be best read as one unit, the first book did not end with a tidy finish, glad I got the trilogy for Christmas. I am enjoying them alot.

Onward and outward into the world on another adventure in the North Country.

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