Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kidney Stone Zombies

Tuesday night - 7:30pm - Hubby is unable to form complete sentences due to pain. 8:30pm we are on our way through the blizzard to the emergency room.

*******Hubby has kidney stones coming out of BOTH kidneys! *******
and it is hell. Thank heaven for IV pain killers.

8 hours later we are told the CT scan shows 6mm stone in his right kidney/ureter area and his kidney is severly enlarged and he has to stay and have a procedure the next day.

I was so tired I wanted to stay there myself.

He has been suffering for years with stones on the left side, "passing gravel" for years since they put him on the pottasium citrate.

"A kidney stone,
A thing so small
Is hardly worth a mention
Unless your trying to pass the things
They quickly get your attention.
There is a cure,
I promise you
That this is not a joke.
Puree a bunch of asparagus
And chase with a liter of coke."
-borrowed from a neighborly blog "A Minute with Billy Barton"



laurie said...

oh man that's agony!

you should read ped crossing's blog; she just had the same thing.

go here and search for kidney stones. it was just a week ago or so.

good luck!

Anonymous said...

oh my! I've read that passing these is worse than giving birth. gulp!