Sunday, January 20, 2008

Not Much Of A Watchdog

My dog is half pit-bull,

half poodle.

Not much of a watchdog,

but a vicious gossip!

-Craig Shoemaker

As some of you may know, Murphy the Golden Retriever is the center of our family unit. We do not have two legged children only four legged. One of my Xmas gifties from Hubby was a Golden Retriever a day calendar and each day/picture has a quotation on it. I thought this one was worth sharing. My uncles have a big black standard poodle named Fanta. She is gorgeous. She has even done some modeling! So it made me laugh even more to think of Fanta with a long cigarette holder and a martini glass, leaning over to whisper some tidbit to her friend at the "club".

Murphy is far to sweet to gossip. He thinks everyone is his best friend. He thinks every animal and human are here to admire and adore him. And he admires and adores them, sometimes more than they care for. My Mom's cat has of course asserted his dominance when we all share the cabin. But M can't help but want to stick his nose in that soft kitty tummy. I know how he feels. It is hard for me to walk past Murphy and not bend over and stick my nose in HIS tummy. He is trully irresistible.

We were out in the yard today setting up the squirrel trapeze and perfecting the peanut basket. I will post some pictures when it is finished and hopefully catch some of my squirrely friends in action. It is about 6 degrees out right now, I couldn't feel my chin when I finally came back inside.

We are headed to town now, trying to beat the blizzard headed our way.
Later Gator.

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