Thursday, January 10, 2008

On A Clear Day...

What an interesting time we have had with our weather! For those of you who don't live in Northern New York...we who do are weather obsessed. I don't have alot of explanation for it, but summer, winter, spring....we all want to know what the weather is. Traveling long distances for simple matters like grocery shopping is common here so weather issues impact those plans.
I think alot more time is spent outdoors here as well. I walk my dog more, I get outside more here than I ever did in the city. Especially summer, but winter too.
Everyone I know tunes into the "weather on the tens", has some kind of radar cued up on their computer screen, and looks at The Weather Channel often.

Living on a Great lake is an adventure in weather. Living out in the Adirondacks is too. Living in-between them both, up on the Tug Hill Plateau is an entirely different climate and adventure in weather. (They used to be famous for getting the most snow fall in the country....don't know if that is still a current fact but they get ALOT of snow)

In the last two weeks, we here on Lake Ontario have had 10 inches of snow,60 degree days and wild whirling winds hitting 58 miles an hour!!! It was scary. I was in the shower when my area lost power for a few minutes. Our generator kicked on so I could dress for work. Later in the day we heard about a tractor trailer blown off Rt 81 and hanging off the Ogdensburg Bridge! (north of us - heading over the Canada)

For those few days that were warm and spring-like all the snow melted away.
Tonight I went for a long luxurious walk with my favorite Golden Retriever and we enjoyed the false Spring very much. It was a pleasure to walk on dry ground. To not have to walk like a penguin because you might slip on the snow or ice. It was also a delight to have some daylight left...the further we get from the Solstice, the more sun there is when I get off work AND the winds from yesterday blew the cloud cover into next week (literally - next week we are expecting 7 straight days of snow). It was also a pleasure to not have to shovel the driveway when I got home from work. Again, I try to practice acceptance in these matters.

The walk was lovely. The sky was lovely and full of setting sunlight, there were good earth smells and though it was cold enough to need a hat over my ears, it was pleasant enough to be able to walk slow and enjoy the shadows changing and the bending of weeds in the wind.

Last night I stood outside in what was left of the wind and looked at the stars. We haven't seen the stars in at least a week. They were brilliant, blazing, huge beacons! I kept saying "wow". It was warmish, and I wanted to get the lawn chair out and lie down and watch them for a while....well, it wasn't THAT I went back in like the sensible woman that I am.

Well, next week we will be snowed in again.
Living in the North Country and asking, "do you think it will snow?" is like asking "do you think the sun will come up."
Bundle up!

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