Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quiet Morning

Awoke to a beautiful pink and gold sunrise! Who would have thought that I would come to love mornings? It is quiet and the coffee is yummy, and my feathered and furry friends are busily having breakfast out in Flying Squirrel World.
The snow was pink when I first came out to the kitchen. Pink and gold. I have a memory of a children's story that talked about a magical golden pink pearl. Does anyone remember the story "Diamond in the Window?" I seem to think the children traveled inside a nautilus shell to find the pearl That image stayed with me all these years. I was always facinated by shells and how pearls were made.

It has been a long week and it is only Thursday.
I have also been kind of stressed out by family illness issues. I keep breathing, I keep practicing acceptance, I work on the things I think I can change and leave the rest.
That is hard for a recovering control freak!

I am also trying to take care of my self.
Today I am having lunch with the senior citizens. I will write more about that, because it is like medicine for me. But today the RedHat Ladies are coming for lunch! woo hoo!!! I shall wear my tiara.

More Later
As always.

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