Sunday, February 10, 2008

Good Morning

Had a great walk with Murphy yesterday. It wasn't too cold, it wasn't too windy and he was very well behaved! I took him off leash, up the road in the park across the street. It was beautiful.
I was glued to the kitchen window trying to see redpolls for the better part of the morning after our walk. It was busy busy busy with sparrows, juncos, doves and squirrels. But no redpolls.
The fellow who runs the Bigby site lives up the St. Lawrence River, on the Canadian side. He has flocks of redpolls at his feeders and posts the most beautiful pictures.
I have never seen one!!! Ever! I called him a Bird Slut. He understood, I have bird lust.

I am looking out at a blue sky at the moment. Fifteen minutes ago there was a blizzard, white out, sideways snow! It lasted 15 minutes and came to a swift end. Seems to be moving North it comes Mr. Bigby!

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laurie said...

murphy sure is a gorgeous dog.

i can tell spring is coming (even though it was 11 below zero this morning) because the squirrels are so active in the park, chasing each other all over the snow.