Friday, February 29, 2008


Hallelujah...the days of poop sifting are over. Hubby is suffering with kidney stone passing. I am prepping for a hysterectomy. Life is soooo glamorous.
Had a gorgeous crystal clear blue day today and the temps are going to be seriously below zero tonight.
The stars are brilliant shimmering diamonds.
Orion is in the west, giving me direction.
Even when I lived in the city I could see his belt from my back deck. I couldn't see the Pleides, or Sirius, but Orion's belt was always clear and I guess I appreciate his sticking with me during the lean sky time in the city.
Today, I walk out into the black night of my country road; Summer or Winter I can get lost in the sky.

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laurie said...

how lovely. how lovely. to lose yourself in the dark starry sky....even when so many prosaic things are going on around you.

good luck with the hysterectomy. my sister had one. she came out of the anesthesia and said, "doctor, am i ok?" and the doctor said yes. and my sister said, "will i be able to play the violin?"

and the doctor said yes. and my sister said, "good, because i couldn't play before!"

ba DOOM boom. she really did. my sister, such a comedian.