Monday, February 11, 2008

High Winds and Sunshine

I went for a little drive after work because the sun was suddenly shining. What a beautiful sunset it was. I drove along the shoreline and admired the frozen end of the St. Lawrence River and the beginning of the wide open Lake Ontario. There are residents who live along here all year long. It is a different world in the winter than the summer. And on a day when the high temp is 12 and the wind is strong out of the have to admire their committment. It certainly is beautiful out here!

What is this?
I couldn't find any visible footsteps. Did aliens come down and build it?
Are ice people living in there?

There were hills and bumps all along the shore line, but that was the only volcano that I could find.

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laurie said...

those are beautiful.

and they do look like february...winter is on the wane. finally.