Thursday, February 7, 2008

Slip Sliding Away

The Durango - Minding Her Own Business
(note this was taken in April 2007 - YIKES!)

Took Hubby to Syracuse for a procedure yesterday (WED).

A) we left the house at 6:50am

B) there was 10 inches of snow on the ground when we woke up.

C) we took a county road to the interstate (thinking it would better plowed than the town roads)

D) despite going 25 miles an hour, the right front wheel went off the curb, I over compensated and we slid gently but firmly across the road into a ditch filled with about 6 feet of snow.

E) it took us 22 minutes to dig out.

F) I "stole" a shovel from the porch of the house down the road. Since it was so early in the morning I thought knocking and asking would have been more rude than just taking and returning it.

G) we made it to the hospital on time.

H) by the time we got to the holding area, the majority of the hospital staff knew about the couple who ran off the road on their way in from Sackets Harbor.

I) the procedure went well and the roads were clear when we came home.

J) I have slept alot since we got home, and took today off to take care of Hubby and myself.

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Anonymous said...

Such an action/adventure life you lead up in the frozen north, my Gert! It's just plain cold down here -- for the second time all winter. Hardly any snow this year and I don't think we're likely to get any. Life in the future, eh?

I miss you both.