Sunday, February 17, 2008

Superior Senior Moments

There is a small group of senior citizens who have lunch in the municipal building every day at noon. The lunch is sponsored by the Center for the Aging. The citizens come from the local community for various reasons; it is an inexpensive, well balanced meal; it is a nice bunch of people; it is pleasant.
I join them because I like them, and I find I feel better when I do.
I am not naturally drawn to groups, though I hate to be left out of something.
But I am solitary, and enjoy my own thoughts and my own company.
However, I am learning that is not always what is best for me. The company of others is good for me, and the inexpensive, well balanced meal doesn't hurt.
I have always liked older people. I don't feel uncomfortable with them. I don't have the fear of growing old that some people have. I like to hear about their lives, today and yesterday.
Those who have grown old and remained in good humor have what I want, and the best way to get it is to hang around with them and see how they do it!
It is a slow paced lunch. Some chit chat about the bird migrations, or the latest weather, or the next political intrigue, but meal time is slow and calm and pleasant.
I always feel more relaxed and more energized when I have lunch with them.

This is the first time in my working career that I actually get a lunch hour. I have 60 whole minutes in which I can close the office and go away to feed and water myself. I love it! How did I live and work all those years without it? How uncivilized!

My job is a perfect balance of human contact and isolation. I have time to work on my own, get things done in quiet with minimal interuptions, and when those interuptions come I can usually handle them swiftly and efficiently and I enjoy the human interaction. I am working on improving the financial side of my job satisfaction and it is better already.

Last summer, one of the seniors brought in a monarch cocoon. It was the color of jade with three gold beads across the top. It was like a beautiful jewel.
One morning I came into the office and it had turned black. I thought, "how sad, it must have died". Well imagine my surprise when the cocoon began to split and a black wing began to come out. Well you would have thought I was delivering a child. I rushed back to the back of the building and grabbed Cathy (who runs the senior lunch program) and we took the butterfly outside into the sun, into a non-windy place and watched in awe as it emerged. I have tons of picture and will find them and post a few here when I find them.
It was amazing and took hours for the butterfly to get ready to fly...wings expanding, limbs stretching, body growing. It was amazing. Finally around 5pm, he/she had flown on. Hope she made it to Mexico. I have enough pictures I bet I can tell if it is a he or a she. I'll let you know.

So that is one of the things that makes me happy in this new life I have created.
Thanks for reading.
Be happy where you are.

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laurie said...

i eat lunch alone almost every day--i get a lunch hour, and i use it for solitary time. i walk. when it's not -22 (dammit) i walk to a park at the edge of downtown, or i walk over the mississippi river and back.

i need the movement, and i need the silence.

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