Tuesday, February 26, 2008


These are the pieces of the single edged razor that Murphy chewed, swallowed and passed. For the past three days we have been feeding him bread, dumplings and rice. We have been walking him, running him, and begging him to poop.
And for three days Daddy has been sifting through his poop. He put it in a metal strainer (yes the one that was hanging in Flying Squirrel World, holding peanuts for hungry squirrels) and ran hot water over it, and sifted through the variety of things that dogs ingest.

It was not pretty.

I thought the dice would give you a good idea of the real size.
The pieces are small, but much much too big!!!

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laurie said...

holy moly.

are his innards ok?

our friends' chocolate lab, burly, once killed--and ate--a porcupine.

not only did they have to cope with pulling quills out of his face and paws, but then he had to pass them through his system, too.