Sunday, February 24, 2008

Work Table

Work Table
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This is my project table that Hubby bought me for Christmas. We have been working on the house since 2006 and now we are finally getting it done!
Some projects are too big for do it yourselfers and we finally called in the professionals...or semi-professionals. They are two great guys, one used to be my boss. The name of their company is "Two Retired Guys" and I adore them.
They are talented and tidy. They are kind to my dog. The day I had to take Hubby to the hospital, they took him out for two walks for us
And the house looks GREAT!!!
I am so excited to have some real furniture and have some friends over for dinner or dominos or a cut-throat game of spades.

My work table will stay where it is. This is where I like to sit and write, or collage. I can see out the window and watch my furry and feathered friends at Flying Squirrel World.

Can't wait till it is done, but at the same time I have gotten so used to them being around, I don't want them to go! Can you imagine? Separation anxiety over having the contractors finishing up and leaving...very silly. That's me, silly girl with a fondness for men with power tools!

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