Sunday, March 16, 2008

Been getting out and about the past three days. One outing each day followed by a nice nap. I have always loved naps - so decadent.
I am grateful today for my beloved friends, old and new, who have checked in with me, held me in their healing hearts, prayed for me, sent cards, called, reminded me to go slow and take care of myself, sent me books, made me laugh, and filled me with love and gratitude.
My first outing was Thursday. I wanted to go into the village for a parade. Our highschool girls and boys basketball teams are in the state finals and my mayor put together a quick rah-rah-sis-boom-bah parade for them. It was GREAT! My former mayor walked me around, let me hold his arm so I wouldn't slip on the ice, made sure I didn't get too tired and didn't make fun of me because I was so thrilled to be out in the world again and so grateful for his generous spirit. He walked me around, showed me his house, drove me to get my pay check and drove me home. I told his dear wife I was going to adopt him. She was fine with that. tee hee...

The parade and the day were classic village life. I knew people on the street and they knew me and were glad to see me up and about. The snow started swooping in off the harbor and hoodies and hats and scarves went on and we kept cheering as the school paraded down to the front lawn of the visitor's center. Then when the teams finally got there, the mayor called each player, individually, and the whole village cheered them on. It was great.

I am grateful for Murphy the Healer.
When our first baby, Teddy, died I didn't know how we would survive the grief. We both believe that Teddy's spirit lead us to find Murphy that same day. And with the love and laughter of a new baby, we were able to survive the pain and sorrow of losing our first love.
Murphy has been glued to my side throughout my recovery. When Mommy naps, he naps. When Mommy sits on the couch, Murphy sits on the couch. When Mommy eats some toast, Murphy east some toast (somethings don't really change).
I have a special medication that has helped me get up and move after surgery. It is an anti-inflamatory suppository (TMI?) that I have to take twice a day. Daddy helps on the business end of things and Murphy sits and lets me scratch his back, or rub his ears, and watches over the procedure.
Today, Dr. M stayed sitting by me after the medicine was administered, and he turned and leaned his back against my pelvis. He stayed in that position for more than five minutes. There were times he didn't even look too comfortable, but still he stayed there, leaning against the place that hurt the most. The warmth of his body and the gentle pressure felt like the embodiment of the golden healing light I have been visualizing in the place where my ovary was. This is the spot that hurts the most and it as like Murphy wanted to be my warm golden light.
I am grateful for my recovery. It has been speedy, uncomplicated and the pain has been managed quite well. Ladies if a hysterectomy is in your plans, ask your doctors about a suppository form of diclofenac (voltaren) - it has been a lifesaver.
I am grateful for Spring coming around the corner and my health and looking forward to many new adventures this year.


laurie said...

this is a wonderful post. i can see that Murphy is a lot like Boscoe. Riley would never do this--he's not a cuddler. but how wonderful for you that Murphy is so in tune with you.

(Riley, on the other hand, will come and nuzzle me if i"m crying, while Boscoe flees to the other room and tries to find Doug.)

I''m glad your recovery is going smoothly. very glad.

Minnesota Matron said...

Sweet Murphy! I cannot tell you how much I relied on the dear departed Thurston for solace. These dogs, they are amazing. As someone who has had her own major health dramas, I am happy to know that you are healing. Thank you for visiting my blog so now I can visit yours :-).