Monday, March 17, 2008

Flickr Pro...yeah that's me!

I did it. I paid for a Flickr Pro account. This is what happens when you have a convolescing woman, a credit card and too many hours on the internet. I am uploading lots and lots of pics and organizing and tagging and having a good old
Sunset over Frozen Lake Ontario - I swear these are the real colors.

I have been a photographer for most of my life. The first gift I can remember from my grandmother was a kodak fixed lens, drop in film, camera. I loved it and used it for years and years. The first thing I ever saved up a significant amount of money to buy, on my own, was a Canon A-1 that I had for almost 20 years when it gave up the ghost.

I was 11 and kept all my babysitting money in a box. Mom bought me magazines so I could read up on cameras and research which one would be the best for what I wanted. (thus began a life long love of research). When I knew what I wanted and why, she pitched in half the money. I still remember that day when we went to the store. I had never owned anything so expensive and I paid for half!!! Of course I forgot to count in the cost of film, developing, prints, etc. I was not in a metropolis, so places that did contact sheets were few and far between. I learned alot, I earned my money babysitting and I got some good shots with that old camera.
I do like the ability to take more pictures for less money with digital cameras. Not having to print everything to see what you go, not having to WAIT for printing! That is the best.

My most recent camera is a Fuji, digital, FAST and FABULOUS! I never thought I would convert to all digital until this camera came into my life. I could not stand lag time, even when just shooting snapshots of family....even when shooting portraits! I went insane waiting for the camera to cycle to the next shot. The fuji is fast, takes great natural light shots, has a very good zoom and is pretty consistently in focus using autofocus, pretty quickly and shooting on the fly.
Usually, I take ALOT of pictures. I carry my camera in my big shoulder bag and have it with me on whatever adventure I end up on during the day. I try to capture pictures of birds and squirrels in Flying Squirrel World too.

My next project is to scan (some), organize and store, the boxes and boxes of old photos from my childhood and from my family archives. (In addition to scanning some of my collage pieces) I have one more week home....we shall see how productive I choose to be.
I am currently also collaging ideas for the kitchen desk/project/studio area that I am putting together. It is like making a visual desire list; lots of desk surface area, lots of light, lots of storage, lots of comfy places to sit.
"all I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air, and one enormous chair, oh wouldn't it be loverly"

this folding table and chair was my first foray into putting a stake into the ground and creating a place for me to write, collage, think, etc.

Hubby got me a great desk for Christmas. We are now in the final stages of renovation in this part of the house and I am hoping to be working on and in my space again SOON!!!


Sweet Irene said...

Hi Murphy's Mom! You came to visit me in the middle of the night, so I thought I would come to see you and see what you are all about.

I do have to say that I love the banner of this blog, it is just lovely and I assume it is a collage you made yourself.

I am going to read some of your older posts now, but I think you are sick in bed, so I hope that you will be recovering soon and be feeling well and up to par in no time at all.


laurie said...

scanning in old's a time consuming task, but very worthwhile. i did that this past fall, scanning in all of my parents' old photo albums for my siblings as a chrismtas present.

they're all on photobucket now. 1945-1960-something. it took forever. but i'm glad i did it.