Saturday, March 8, 2008

Feel My Melons

OK, I am back from the hospital.
Pain is managable. Taking care of myself, lots of rest, fresh fruit, regular meals, more rest. I am tired and I guess I am cranky according to my husband, but I also don't care. He has had more separation anxiety than my dog, who has been at my side non-stop since I returned.

I had my uterus removed.
I lost alot of blood and was given two units.
I had alot of scar tissue and the doctors said I had two tumors the size of pomelos.
Is that the medically correct terminology?
This is a pic I got off the net and I send my thanks to my anonymous friend for letting me use his picture to illustrate the size of my fibroids.


laurie said...

i'm not so sure that "squeals of delight" is the appropriate description for comments to a post such as that.

holy moly. i'm so sorry! my sister had melon-sized fibroids, too. but i did not graphically look at melons and imagine them inside her....

are you ok now?

ow ow ow ow don't laugh i remember it hurt her to laugh....

Murphy's Mom said...

I am better and modern pain management is a wonderful thing! A Golden Retriever and helpful husband by my side is speeding my recovery.

Laughter might heal, but it does hurt!

ehaw12gs said...

jumping jehosefet batman!!!