Friday, March 28, 2008

Quick Catch Up

Greetings! Today we had the most beautiful day of snow ever! It came down consistently for hours and hours. Large drifting flakes that looked like flower petals drifting to the ground. There was some wind (we are on a Great Lake...can't be helped) and at the end of the day the petals came down and the sun came out! It was beautiful!
Today was my second whole day at work and I did well. I am sore, and I am tired, but I am happy and getting healthier. I follow up with the docs next week, hoping all is well with my intestines; I am following their instructions and I am feeling much better.

This is Murphy earlier this winter, down by the Lake. We like to go down there after the park has closed to campers and I let him run like the wild forest creature that he really is.
He looks so serious in these pictures because I kept interupting his romp so I could take pictures, or I was holding a stick so I could get his attention.
Not alot of news and time for me to go to bed.
Till later.


laurie said...

so glad things are going well, and you're feeling better!

lovely murphy pictures.

and i am glad that we do not have more snow today. it's in the high 30s, and sunny. we actually have mud for the first time in five months!

laurie said...

also, the red-winged blackbirds are back at the lake. we heard them conk-a-reeeeeeeing as we walked this morning.

Sweet Irene said...

I am happy to hear that you are back at work, because that means you are doing well and I hope everything continues to be well.

That lake on your pictures looks like a sea, that's what we would call it here. Murphy looks like a great dog having a fun time romping around.

It has stopped snowing here and now it really is springtime with decent temperatures and sunshine and rain.

We never do have any severe winters like you do over there. We are not as hardy as all of you are!