Sunday, March 2, 2008

Surgical Prep

I worked in a hospital for many years. I worked with surgical patients and care givers for many years. I hate surgery.
On Wednesday I am having a hysterectomy that I have put off for a long time, hoping I would make it to menopause and those rotten fibroids would shrink. I could not wait that long. I have had too much pain, too much anemia, too many days feeling like crap each fact there are months that I have one good week, and that is it. It is almost like I have forgotten how to feel good.
I am a week into the last period I will ever have and I have felt terrible for the better part of the past two weeks. The week before is never good. The week (or
two) of bleeding is bad, and sometimes there is a week after that is painful. That makes four bad weeks...not every month, but often enough, that it is time to improve my life through surgery.
have been talking to friends. I have been getting great advice.
I have been getting ideas on how to bring pleasure into this event.
One of my favorite ideas was to get a new box or crayons and/or colored pencils and a cool coloring book. I am a creative soul, but I have also had major surgery before and know that mental and physical energy can be low. I loved this idea because it was a way for me to enjoy something creative without requiring much mental or physical energy. She suggested a book of celtic designs. I am going to Michael's Arts and Crafts tomorrow to see what I can find. I already got a great deal on those twist up color pencils.
I bought a stuffed lion. He converts from a pillow with a lion head on it, to a huggable lion with the help of two strips of velcro. He is soft and Murphy colored and I thought it would be nice to have him with me in the hospital since I can't bring Murphy. (How uncivilized.)
I have some clean crisp cotton sheets I will ask Hubby to put on the bed for me before I come home. I have a list of juices, jellos, and foods I would like to have in the house. I am preparing the room and especially the bedside table to hold my magazines, laptop, art supplies, phone, drink. Oh and of the glor
ious women in my life reminded me of the healing properties of we will have some delicious morsels available.
Tomorrow I will post the poem - chant - cheer that my friend wrote when she and her sister in law went through their hysterectomies. It made me laugh and smile and not feel so scared and alone.


laurie said...

my sister had a partial hysterectomy about six years ago. came through with flying colors. no problems.

you will, too.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I had that same surgery in 2001 and it was the best decision I ever made. It's hard when you know as much as you do about the procedure, but it's going to be fine. Really.

The coloring sounds like a great idea. What a wonderful distraction.

ehaw12gs said...

woah! ouch!
wow! ooooo! ouch!

sorry you gotta do what'cha gotta do! i hope you feel better.

i would suggest asking the doctor if you can take "the stuff" home in a jar. then you can put some shotgun retribution to your past pain and suffering.

jojo the clown sez to have a happy hysterectomy! honk honk!

Murphy's Mom said...

hmmm....I like the idea of shotgun retribution!