Saturday, March 29, 2008

Two Rooms Of My Own?

Is is possible?
Am I dreaming?
Until now I have had only one place to sit in the house (not counting the bed) and I feel overwhelmed with the abundance of places to sit now that the kitchen, Flying Squirrel World and MY STUDIO are finished.
Yes, I now have an official studio!!! The room we didn't know what to do with. The room where we walk in from the outdoors (for now). The room with the strange windows and the newly sanded and stained ancient wood floor.
Mine Mine Mine!!!
Now the pressure is on to get my stuff in there, organized and start creating! I am feeling a bit of performance anxiety! But I am thrilled to be able to have a place to put all my art supplies. They have been in bins in the basement, and I occaisionally go down and look around and see what I have and bring one or two things upstairs so I can collage, or paint in the den.
I have always wanted a room with lots of space and light and shelves to hold my stuff. A collage artist has lots of stuff....never know when you will need that bit of stuff over there....oooh, isn't that an interesting scrap, might use that someday. Oh, and did I mention the magazines? I am always cutting up magazines so I need a place to put them.
I got the curtains up today, unpacked a couple of plastic bins, hung one picture.
A Studio AND the Flying Squirrel World Observation Deck, all in my sweet little cottage in the woods. Some one pinch me, I must be dreaming.

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Sweet Irene said...

First of all, I love the collage that is your new header. Very well done.

Congratulations on having your own studio, what a luxury that must be and how creative you will become now. (not that I want to put you under any pressure)

It's great to have a space where you have all your stuff and you can leave it and come back to it later. It is much easier to create then.

You are a lucky woman indeed!

P.S. I hope your health keeps improving.