Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Until I Truly Loved

Until I Truly Loved
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February 2006 - my beloved german shephard - Teddy - was dying from pancreatic cancer. Hubby and I moved downstairs into the den and set up a hospital unit for him.
I did alot of collage work at that time, though we had to take down my work table to make room for the 5 foot tall by 5 foot wide crate that we set up for his recovery from surgery.
Hubby and I slept on the couch alot so Teddy wouldn't have to climb stairs to our bedroom.

Today - March 2008 - While I am recovering from my surgery I have been wishing I felt better and could better use my time to be creative. So while looking for small ways to be creative I decided to scan a few of the collages I made in the past. I got the scanner, copier for my birthday and have not really used it much. I am hopeful I will have more energy for my creative pursuits soon, and in the future, I expect to have more energy now that Pomelos are not sucking the life out of me!

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