Friday, April 18, 2008

Getting Lost

Went for a drive today after work. We have crystal clear blue skies today. Temps didn't go above 50, but around here that is lovely.
I love to explore the back roads. We have lots of roads that wind through farms and hamlets, and if I have a map on hand, I love to "get lost" on them. Even if I just have a compass and a full tank, I am pretty confident in my navigation skills that I can wander until I find a familiar landmark. I like to say, "all roads lead to home, some are just longer than others"

Last year was my first Spring season her in our new home; I took my Burgman out for a ride and didn't take a map and didn't take a compass. I thought, "I will travel south, the sun will set in the west, I live on the shore of a GREAT lake which is to the west of my hard can it be to find a great lake and head north?" HA!!!!

Oh, did I mention I didn't have my cell phone either? What an idiot! Not that my husband could have done anything about my being lost, he is directionally challenged.

So I was riding down long, lovely, winding country roads, enjoying myself very much. I love to toodle around on my scooter that is big and fast enough to hit the highway, but small and quiet enough to go through a neighborhood without waking the babies. When I started to look around and orient myself for the trip home I saw a large body of water so I headed toward it.
"It must be Lake Ontario, surely". Well, no. The closer I got, the smaller a body of water it became. I was heading southwest, but somehow I was not heading toward any of the roads that wind around the shore of Lake Ontario.

Well obviously I found my way back.

Can't wait till I am well enough to ride my Burgman and my new tri-cycle....yes, you read that right, tri-cycle!!! I am not regressing to being a 5 year old, but when it came to buying me a new bike I know myself well enough that I do not want it all to be about balance and not falling over. I want exercise and I want to be outdoors and I want plenty of opportunities to take pictures without worrying about staying upright. I am also hoping Murphy might want to run along with me and I don't want to be afraid of him pulling me over. I have two long winding, mostly flat roads where Murphy and I can ride/run without fear of traffic. Can't wait to try it.

My new tri-cycle is yellow! My favorite color! with a basket on the back for picnics and exploration equipment and beach towels! So I can be well prepared when I get lost on my bike rides. I better get a compass!

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laurie said...

i am totally directionally challenged, too.
glad you found your way home.

that picture is beautiful. that pup is soooo gorgeous!!!

good for you for getting a trike. that's very cool. i went for a bike ride on sunday; completley sunburnt the backs of my hands. like an idiot. forgot the sunscreen.

don't you forget.