Sunday, April 20, 2008

All Living Things

The maple tree is blooming. Little red puff balls at the end of every twig. It is lovely.

It is also ladybug season. They are gathering in the warm windows and I am carrying them outdoors. They especially like the vestibule and wait patiently for me to come along, prop open the door and flick them outside. Who knows where they come from.
Hubby is NOT a bug person. He comes from the school of "All Bugs are Bad and should Die" I am trying to teach him alittle bug tolerance. Growing up on Louisiana I was a great slayer of roaches....fearless, except when barefoot. I admit, I don't know that I would tolerate them today either. And mosquitos are also fair game.
My husband pointed out that my willingness to kill the cockroach and the mosquito is in conflict with my "compassion for all living things" practice. He pointed out that only the "cute" bugs/animals deserve my compassionate effort. (I save spiders too, most don't find THEM cute)
And he is right. I hate mosquitos, ants, centipedes, roaches, mosquitos, silverfish, flies, gnats...did I mention mosquitos? I kill all of the above without a thought.
When I eat meat I give thanks to the life that lived and died to give me food.
What to do about killing the mosquitos? AND the black flies...evil biting, blood sucking menaces of the north woods.
Have you read Eat Pray Love? Wonderful wonderful book. She tells a story of meditating at sundown in India and practicing detachment as she became dinner for the mosquitos. She got through it relatively unscathed and said it was good for her.
humph....I believe I will continue to rely on Deep Woods OFF and those unattractive yet effective mosquito net hats that go down to your shoulders and perhaps practice letting go of my analytical mind for a while.

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