Friday, May 16, 2008


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Spring. Hard to believe that 8 weeks ago we were trudging through snow and sleet and ice. Hard to believe how quickly things grow around here. It is like they know they have only alittle time and they have to get a move on.
There is a new family of sheep down the road from me. Black or dark dark brown Icelandic sheep. Mom and three babies. I would swear the babies are twice the size they were last week.
This photo is my homage to the crazy mating, blooming, birthing, planting, dance of Spring.
The bird is either a house finch or a purple finch. They are so alike it is hard to tell and now that I have tweeked it, we will never know. But the colors are what the picture is really about. The wild colors and smells and sunshine of the growing season. The desire to be outdoors again. The drive to dig in the dirt and make things grow. And of course the added joy of new birds for my bird list...well for some of us, that is a thrill.
Hope your Spring is swinging!

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