Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lilacs On The Farm

Lilacs On The Farm
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One of my favorite things is the shapes and textures and colors of a barn.
I love the curve of the roof and the worn planks of wood. I love the patina of an old metal roof and the shine of a new metal roof.
I like the spires or the round and square air vents topped with weather vanes.
I like them old and falling down, I like them new and shining. I like them painted, red or white or blue or green.
I like barns for horses and barns for hay.
And I am luck that I see them every day!
I love the shape of the doors and the windows.
I love the depth and height of the building.
I love the beautiful utility.
When I came upon the lilacs with the sun upon the barn behind them I fell in love.

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