Thursday, May 1, 2008


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I have become hooked on Flickr and Picasa2 - a free photo manipulation software.
I cruise around looking at art and I make some of my own! The black edges framing the picture are from a quickie fix on called LOMO. The Lomo, as I understand, is a Russian instamatic type camera that was known for its quirky photo resolution.
Photo manipulation is sort of soothing and meditative. I have not taken on anything as multi-layered as photoshop. I guess I am intimidated by it too. These little programs are so basic and I can reverse what I have done so easily, it is like play.
When I get home from a long day at work I look forward to playing with my photos.
This photo is from Labor Day 2007, around sundown. There was a full moon rising and we had gone out on the lake to watch it. The stillness of the lake and the reflections were as breath taking as this photo makes it look. The only thing I did to this photo was LOMO the edges.
I usually carry my camera around with me for those "just in case" moments. Change of seasons is an especially rich time for me to get shots, but Hubby has needed it these last couple of days.
The forsythia and the tulip trees are in full bloom. Daffodills are fading and Spring is in its full glory.
Days have been on the cold side, but the sun is brilliant. I am happy to wait for the warmer days. Happy to enjoy the slow unfolding of Spring before Summer is upon us.
I love Summer up here. For many years I detested the heat and humidity of Summer in NYC and before that Texas or Louisiana. But Summer in Northern NY was always a pleasure when I was a child. Those few weeks every year that we would come up to the camp were always the best. And now I live here - One hour and 20 minutes from my childhood summer heart. And each year I can look forward to my family coming up here - some for weeks, some for months.

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