Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Alchemilla Mollis (lady's mantle)

Planted three plants of Lady's Mantle today when I got home from work today. We have had such a perfect early summer. It is not too hot, not too dry. A few hot humid days but not too terrible.
Last week Gabe (my 16 year old assistant) and I dug up the old iris, and started on the lily of the valley. We planted the red bleeding heart and the white bleeding heart over in Flying Squirrel World, and put in four lupins in the front where we dug up the lily. It was hot exhausting work. I was glad to have him there to help and to motivate me to do it!
Digging the holes for the bleeding heart was really really difficult. Lots of roots. We were between the maple and the pine and all the old plants that had been there over the years. I told Mom about how hard it was and that I wanted to steal Lady's Mantle from her garden since they didn't need much depth of soil.

I love the way the leaves crinkle and unfold. I love the way the rain drops sit on the crinkles. I love the light yellow green flowers and they grow so well in this area. They volunteer all over her garden! They creep down the stone stairs and out into the middle of the sandy, hot, driveway.

I love the way they remind me of my Mom.

I have never loved this time of year so much as I do now.
I have never been able to spend this much time outdoors. I used to get home much later and so exhausted I couldn't even think of going out into the garden even though I did invest alot of time and money and energy into planting a perrenial garden when Hubby built me three wonderful raised boxes.
I used to hate being outdoors in the city summer heat and humidity. I sure didn't have any energy after working 12-14 hour days.
I can't believe that was my life.

I went looking for a quotation about lady's mantle and found this one instead. I like it and I hate it. I like that it is true and I hate that it is true. So much responsibility. So much power.

Woman is the salvation or the destruction of the family. She carries its destiny in the folds of her mantle. -Henri Frederic Amiel

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