Monday, October 13, 2008

Amish Hay Bales

Amish Hay Bales
Originally uploaded by Gertibird
Wish I could have seen them working on these. All the hay bales were created by a human or humans. Not something we see much these days.
Where is the human touch in your life? Sometimes I get mine from my dog. Sometimes from my friends and family. It is an invisible omnipotent force. It influences every thought, action, belief since I was an infant.
Sometimes I am still that child, needy and afraid.
Sometimes I am the goddess that channels all the love and hope and kindness in the universe, to the world. That is exhausting. Sometimes I just need to rest.
Sometimes I just need to be held by the words of a friend who is also channeling the love, hope and kindness of the Universe.


ehaw12gs said...

when we pick up bugs and hold them. might they consider it a gentle hug? anything less than putting it our mouths, should be considered a tender moment. why do they hop away?

what doesnt eat us...adores us?

a slow squirrel, with dog toyish looks, might beg to differ.

Murphy's Mom said...

you slay me Mozart!