Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hills From The Sky

Hills From The Sky
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Went to visit my soul sister in Chicago and on the flight there I was unable to take much in the way of photos because my batteries died when we were taking off. I was flying in an 8 passenger Cessna to Albany where I would get on a jet to Chicago.
Thank goodness for my motion sickness patch. I was able to Ooooh and Aaaaah the whole trip.
This is a view of the Adirondacks looking North.
I liked the stark stripes of the shadows made by the mountains and the bright reflective spots made by the water.
And in the background (best viewed in a large format) are the multi blue hued peaks. I was disoriented on my first flight when I saw them, I thought the clouds were islands and the blue mountains in the distance was the Atlantic Ocean...
The flight back was mostly clear - you can see the atmosphere was not crystal clear but beautiful and sunny.
You can see the trees were just begining to turn even though it was not yet October!
If I think other pictures are good, I will post more.

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man...i wish i was that high!
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