Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Free Love

This is a free love. An easy and always enough love. A love that does not diminish with time or distance. This is a love that does not change as our body shape, hair color, bank account, marital status does. This is just a love that stays and surprises; amazes and inspires; is not possessive but flows in my blood. Then something tickles it back to my consiousness and I am in bliss again, in a cloud again, riding his musical thoughts again and my heart is pounding, skipping, playing tic tac toe through an open door where we always fit together again.

What is this joy? I hear you, no sound, no voice, no promises to keep, but I hear you resonate in the chambers of my head and the chambers of my heart. It is peaceful and calm and crazy. It is platonic and passionate and eternal and sacred. It is profane and profound and trully without boundaries or rules to mess it up.
It is the kiss of the first warm rain of summer that reminds your body of all the past rains. It soaks in through your pours until you carry it within, light as a spider's web and just as strong and sticky.

How could I not know you? You make my heart yellow and mouth golden with smile memories and the pain of loss so long, so long, so long it only twinges - a faint pleasant echo - light in my past darkness. Light in a dimly lit beer bar with a band in the back playing too loud to make up for the distance and the disappointment. Light in my center connects me to the center of all.

This is just love; the way it was meant to be, simple and unattached, free to float and free to sink.


Simply Chic Events said...

I was looking through your blog and I absolutely LOVE your work table... where did you get it?

Murphy's Mom said...

Pier One! It is divine! Good for tall people.