Wednesday, November 26, 2008


And now for the weather....
I shoveled my way out of the driveway after the mamoth plows came by and left a three foot baracade at the end of the driveway.
I walked through slush on a hurt foot to let my beloved dog get some exercise and take care of his business.

I got myself worked up into a real crank.
Not pretty.

I was in the parking lot at Price Chopper (local enormous grocery store); I had finished buying the groceries for tomorrow's Feast for Three (Me, Murphy and Murphy's Daddy); I had pushed the cart through the slushy parking lot, shopped and avoided bad moods when the aisles were packed with clueless children, standing in the middle of everything and making it impossible to move.
I loaded the groceries into the trunk when a plow, the size of a brontasaurus, came by and put a baracade behind my car...smaller, but still a good sized bump when I am in the Kia.
As I finished loading the trunk, the rain converted to snow and dropped enormous, feathery flakes. It was gorgeous. It was perfect.
It was winter in Northern New York and no power on earth can make it change.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Followers... watched when I am so used to being alone in the night, typing in the dark by the light of the lap top screen.

Followers...does that make me a leader?

Funny how I liked the idea at first and later became stifled because of it.
KNOWing there were people out there that I don't know that were reading my thoughts, froze my brain and fingers. I keep four blogs and someone wants to keep up to date on three of them. Bizarre! Three people I don't know are registered as followers...they what to know what will happen next....Freaky!

Well I hate to disappoint, but not much is happening.
Just another day in the life of a Queen. All I surveyed today was satisfactory and yet I am discontent.

What matters? What moves me to the next project? I crochet to keep my hands busy; I surf the internet to learn, research, shop, investigate, share photos, look for jobs; I need to get back to painting more - I feel stuck - unable to start anything; I need to write more - I feel stuck - unable to agree with myself.
I used to write alot of poetry...where did it go? Does it just dry up as life and priorities change the way I have to survive every day.
I take pictures; That has become a very satisfactory form of expression for me. I am working on combining my photos with my painting; if I can ever get my color printer to work! FAH!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flying Friend

Flying Friend
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Please come visit my Flickr page and read about my furry flying friend. Also click over to Flying Squirrel World to get an update on my adventures.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Originally uploaded by Gertibird
So fearless; not because she
could trample me in an instant but because it would not occur to her unless I frightened her. Isn't that how it is with people too.