Monday, November 24, 2008

Followers... watched when I am so used to being alone in the night, typing in the dark by the light of the lap top screen.

Followers...does that make me a leader?

Funny how I liked the idea at first and later became stifled because of it.
KNOWing there were people out there that I don't know that were reading my thoughts, froze my brain and fingers. I keep four blogs and someone wants to keep up to date on three of them. Bizarre! Three people I don't know are registered as followers...they what to know what will happen next....Freaky!

Well I hate to disappoint, but not much is happening.
Just another day in the life of a Queen. All I surveyed today was satisfactory and yet I am discontent.

What matters? What moves me to the next project? I crochet to keep my hands busy; I surf the internet to learn, research, shop, investigate, share photos, look for jobs; I need to get back to painting more - I feel stuck - unable to start anything; I need to write more - I feel stuck - unable to agree with myself.
I used to write alot of poetry...where did it go? Does it just dry up as life and priorities change the way I have to survive every day.
I take pictures; That has become a very satisfactory form of expression for me. I am working on combining my photos with my painting; if I can ever get my color printer to work! FAH!

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