Wednesday, November 26, 2008


And now for the weather....
I shoveled my way out of the driveway after the mamoth plows came by and left a three foot baracade at the end of the driveway.
I walked through slush on a hurt foot to let my beloved dog get some exercise and take care of his business.

I got myself worked up into a real crank.
Not pretty.

I was in the parking lot at Price Chopper (local enormous grocery store); I had finished buying the groceries for tomorrow's Feast for Three (Me, Murphy and Murphy's Daddy); I had pushed the cart through the slushy parking lot, shopped and avoided bad moods when the aisles were packed with clueless children, standing in the middle of everything and making it impossible to move.
I loaded the groceries into the trunk when a plow, the size of a brontasaurus, came by and put a baracade behind my car...smaller, but still a good sized bump when I am in the Kia.
As I finished loading the trunk, the rain converted to snow and dropped enormous, feathery flakes. It was gorgeous. It was perfect.
It was winter in Northern New York and no power on earth can make it change.

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Starbuck said...

I miss Upstate NY winters :(