Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Ah the quiet! And the sunshine! It is a glorious Christmas morning, like those I remember from childhood, only different....
No eagerness to open when we were young, and up at 6am in our pajamas, waiting for Mom and Dad to come down...but eagerness to enjoy the day away from school (work) and obligations. Eagerness to eat a few holiday treats that we never have any other time of year (Pillsbury sweet rolls) and a day to hang out with family, watch movies, go for walks, cuddle on the couch, read...and generally do nothing.

Today I celebrate my love for my husband and our love for each other. He wants to do for me and I want to do for him. Today I celebrate the beauty of the world we live in, and the home we have made together. Today I approve of who we are today, and where we are on our journey...Warts and all.

I started my morning with prayer and meditation. Quiet quiet quiet. Blissful quiet of mind body and spirit; quieting the Monkey Mind, the Hungry Ghost and The Judge...just for today...

Hubby and I do differ in our need for quiet - he likes the TV on in the background, at all times, even when we are talking, or falling asleep...I like silence, or only the sounds that come in through a window from the woods outside. The blue jay call as he steals the peanuts I put out for the squirrels, the drip of melting icicles, even the beating of the wind - and last night it was seriously beating the house and the trees...I wondered if we would lose power, or at least a few limbs...but this morning it seems all the trees came through.

The wind is quiet, the sun is winter low, shining bright and sideways through the naked trees in the woods across the street and into our windows. Murphy and I took a short walk down the end of the driveway, around the front yard and back; Hubby was up early early this morning and has gone back for a nap. I suspect he was wrapping one or two little things for me.

The snow is melting. We have been above freezing for two days now. We had three back to back days of snow and I have drifts of snow in my yard that were up to my thigh, now I can see the grass in some places.
There are projects to do...damage to the screen porch coverings that need to be repaired, but I am giving myself the day off, I am giving myself the gift of Nothing.

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