Sunday, December 7, 2008

I feel satisfied when I perform some sort of manual labor that is often considered the realm of men. I am not interested in a life of manual labor. I don't lift things that require massive biceps, but I do like to know that I am capable of getting things done if I need to.
Today I awoke late! Much later than normal...not sure why, but I guess I needed the sleep. I followed that up with a cup of coffee in my favorite chair, looking out on the snow world of winter and squirrel olympics and birds gossiping about where to get the best seeds.

I enjoyed my relaxation, watching the doves and juncos pecking at the seeds, patting down the snow under the feeders, doing their little dance to dig up a morsel. The doves would fly up to a branch, they are much too big for the feeders, and they would look down on the feeding frenzy below. It has turned very cold so they were very fluffy and plump and their heads looked even smaller than usual. What really caught my attention was their color. It was like a sunset apricot...warm, pinkish, brownish, soft and lovely.
My big activity of the day was sweeping the snow off the screened in porch, and re-stapling the plastic sheeting to the outside of the building, plus taping down edges.
I got the ladder out, and I bundled up and I made a bag of supplies that I could carry on my arm, and I got out there and fixed it on my own! I did it! I made it better, in the snow, in the cold, on a ladder!!!
I must have dropped the tape three times, and the staple gun four times. I had to go in and get dry gloves, but I did it! Without loss of limb, without a drop of blood or a turned ankle, or slipping and landing head first in the snow - I DID IT!
I just wanted to crow a bit about being a capable woman.
Life is not always easy in winter, in Northern New York, and with Hubby ill, it is up to me to make it work for both of us.
I am not ready to make a career out of climbing ladders in the snow, but I am patting myself on the back for doing it without bloodshed or resentment.


a striver for sanity said...

Bravo! Well done!

You live in NY and have a Golden. Have you ever gone to Goldstock? It is dog camp over Labor Day held in Lakewood, PA. Moose & I have attended 6 years now. Great fun! There are 100's of GR's and a big lake to swim and you sleep in cabins.

Murphy's Mom said...

Sounds right up my alley!!! I will look into it!