Friday, December 12, 2008

Wiggle Worms

What a wonder! I have been watching the golden retriever puppies, ever since the night they were born. I tune in when I get a chance at work, I tune in when I get home. I just watched their little bodies, sleeping in a pile, twitching, snuggling, wiggling, heads lying on each other, too big for their own bodies, too heavy to hold up for very long.
Just about 48 hours old.
Life - so new - so fresh - so ripe with possibility.

I fantasize about bringing one to live with us. A new life in my home, that I "knew" from its first hours. I wish I had known Murphy when he was that new.

We sit here on the couch together, body parts touching, his warm rump, leaning against my thigh, my hand draped across his belly, breath deep and even, warm and sweet.
He makes going outside in the snow an event.
He puts joy in every walk, every meal, every nap, every road trip, every frozen pine cone and lap around the backyard.
Yes I am in love. Does it show?
This was our first night together - I was wrecked from Teddy dying (our first baby - German Shephard) and he was only 8-9 weeks old and didn't know who we were, or if we were going to eat him...
Look at that warm plump could anyone NOT want to nibble on that?

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a striver for sanity said...

I sent your blog to the girl with the pups and she loved it!