Monday, December 28, 2009

ACK! Sick! Hate being sick! Hate not feeling like being up and running around and getting things done! Hate it hate it hate it!
When I am well, I love taking a luxurious is such a treat, but when I am sick I HATE having to go back to bed and miss everything the day has to offer...

I have to go back to work tomorrow and I am resentful of that too! I don't want to be sick at work. I don't want to have to use up a sick day and be out...
I feel like stomping my feet and whining and pitching a fit...
Oh..I guess I am doing that now.

So sorry you had to see this.
I'll come back when I am less cranky.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

Slept too long. Woke up with bad dreams.
Murphy was missing in my dream...but I found him. Also in the dream I ran into one of my oldest friends who no longer talks to me, and we were too angry to get through it; plus another friend who recently got sober told me he was high again.
Made me glad to wake up and get out of bed and wake up to the real world.

It is over 40 degrees outside and the world is dripping and melting.
Hubby is having yet another kidney stone attack and trying trying trying to put a positive spin on it. Last CT scan showed four stones in one kidney and 2 in the other. Why they are all deciding to move at one time (this is his fifth on in two weeks!) we don't understand. It is not fun.

Had a wonderful Christmas. So many lovely, thoughtful gifts!
A gorgeous pair of Barbara Bixby earrings! So perfect!

There is laundry to be done, and so many areas of the house that could stand straightening, or a good scrubbing. Tempted to go our for a drive while the weather, no ice is forming and there is a modicum of gray daylight. Don't really need anything, but a short outing could be fun.

Hubby made chicken parm last night...sauce from scratch! Perfection!
So much to be grateful for.

I am grateful for my cozy home and my loving husband.
I am grateful for my cozy fur children and their affection and good health.
I am grateful for my mother who is far away now, but always close in my heart.
I am grateful for my brothers and sister who are so smart and interesting.
I am grateful for my friends who are so generous with their love and good humor.
I am grateful for my job and health insurance.
A rare family portrait from this summer when everyone pitched in with my campaign for county clerk. I love them all so much! to start a load of laundry!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Wind and Gratitude

Old Man Winter has woken up and it seems he is in a bad mood!

Early this morning the birds and squirrels were attacking the feeders - even sharing space on the biggest one with the most delectable sunflower seeds.
Right now, all the critters are hopefully snug in their nests because the winds are blowing like it is the end of the world.
Let me tell Chicago a thing or two while I am thinking of it....The "Windy City" has got NOTHING on us. I am so grateful to the original builder of my funny little cottage. He understood the need for protection from the wind. Do to a clearing in the state park directly across from us, our house is directly in the path of the wind from the lake. Most of the time that is a bonus. I love the wind. I love the way it cools the skin and ruffles the leaves...I have done a few journal pages on the wind...didn't realize I had done so many until a friend pointed it out...ah self knowledge....

BUT...this wind....this once a year - break your windows, tear your doors off their hinges and peel the shingles off the roof wind....our little broad-side ranch just stands here and takes it and keeps us toasty warm...sometimes even too warm.
Well it depends on who you ask.
Since I have stagnant damp liver qi - I think it gets too hot in the bed room and Hubby thinks I am a drama queen. I tell him to put on a sweater when he complains I have the house too cool....ah..married bliss.

The house was built in several parts. The first part we believe was built in the 40's and may have started life as a hunting shack. My friend says she remembers being a little girl and coming here on Halloween and there was only that single room and the add on trailer that is now our kitchen. I have it on good authority that there is film footage of the day they pulled the trailer out of the house and framed in the space and turned it into our kitchen. My friend "The Mole" who has been under the oldest parts of the house says it is certainly "North Country" construction.
We were living in the house for at least six months before we discovered that the sink was not plumbed into the septic - or anywhere else for that matter. It terminated on the exterior of the wall by the sink, with a three inch piece of PVC pipe open to the world, and dumping out the dirty sink water on the ground. We moved in during winter so we didn't know this little tidbit until Spring when I had the windows open and was doing dishes and when I turned the water off at the sink I heard running water outdoors. I could not believe what I had discovered. I could not believe someone had sold us a house without telling us about this. I could not believe someone had lived here all their long lives and dumped their sink water out on the ground outside the kitchen.

Well, at least our roof didn't blow off. YET.
Someone down the road from us lost their roof today...A tin roof on a big three story farm house, just blew off one wing of the house...It was like something out of the Wizard of Oz.
I am also grateful for our generator that runs on propane and has been our silent companion and noisy savior more than once. Last Spring we lost power for three days and the generator just kept on running. Very satisfying to have that large investment be so rewarding.

Small persons should not travel beyond their doors without a rope tied securely around their middle, in case they should be picked up by the wind...
In this case, I think it is a really good idea.

OK..I got to go turn down the heat.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lovely lazy day today. Got some of the Christmas stuff out, need to tackle the big boxes down in the basement. Had dinner at Cracker Barrel with Hubby, thought of my dear friends in Shreveport when I ordered Chicken Fried Chicken....remembered a trip to the casinos and the chicken fried steak that was the size of a frisbee, and the fun we had with twenty dollars in quarters and the slot machines. We did make or own party where ever we went. I remember watching the numbers and cherries roll past on the machine and the three of us chanting "seven, seven, seven. seven, seven, seven." probably at the top of our lungs...I remember smiling alot.

Hubby has a kidney stone brewing. It is long over due, which is a good thing. Maybe they are coming less frequently. All we can do is pray...there is no fix. AND the insurance companies won't even pay to have them broken up unless they get to a certain size....the doctors just press pain pills on him and tell him to pass them on his own. It is barbaric.

Had one art day this fall with my mother and old family friends. Isn't this just the most beautiful mess you have ever seen?

Tomorrow we will do more decorating.
I did get alittle time to paint and journal. Working in three books at the same time. Never done that before. One big new book and two small books that I started ages ago and set aside. So I paint a page, let it dry, pick up another book, do alittle drawing or coloring, set it aside, pick up the third book, glue something, paint something, or cut something up...Feels like I have been very productive, mostly it just feels fun to let loose and experiment. Reading some magazines and blogs to get some new ideas as I approach so many blank pages at once!

Moving off to bed now.
Nighty night!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Memory Lane

Who got my email address and is selling it????
The crazy thing is the email address I use the least...for resumes and business type emails. I must have made the mistake of using it for something that I bought on line and now I am getting all these "offers" for things I don't need and didn't ask for. And because they are not trying to sell me Canadian drugs or Viagra, they are not going into the SPAM box.

I was going to title this GOOD MORNING, until I made the mistake of opening my email...just to see. I thought I might try and write a bit of something every day...Do I want to put that kind of pressure on myself, or do I want to attempt that kind of discipline? My journaling has always been done as inspiration struck me. I have never been one to plot out a design and execute it...I am much more stream of consciousness in my writing and in my art.
My mother the fabric artist, is one who plans down to the last detail before even making her first cut into fabric - at least that is what it seems with her quilts. I don't remember how she planned her weavings...probably similarly. Wish I was more attentive when she was weaving. I don't have much memory of seeing her work on her looms even though they were always a part of our household. One of my favorite memories is when the loom came into the living room while we were living in Lexington Mass, and she enlisted all the kids to pull the warp yarns tight.
I remember holding the yarns in a bundle in each hand (I was under 10 years old but don't remember how young) and leaning back and pulling with all my strength to make it tight as she turned the bar at the other end of the loom, winding the yarn onto it in straight, tight rows. I remember complaining the whole time.
How many of you grew up with a giant wood loom in your house? How cool. I never thought about it before, but when we lived in Lexington, the loom was down stair in the basement most of the time and I recall playing on it like a jungle gym. Then when we were helping her with the warp it was in our living room, in front of the big picture window, across from the fire place. Doesn't that sound divine?
I understand completely why she moved it upstairs. I always take my art supplies into the living room. I look forward to winter when we bring the table from the screened porch inside and I use it in the living room so I can do some of the big swaths of gluing and painting while hanging out with Hubby watching TV. And it may have been winter when she moved the loom upstairs. It was a concrete basement that ran the length of our ranch house which sat in the side of a small hill, so I am sure it was not toasty warm down there, thought I do remember it being kind of homey. My father had an office with a phone down there, the heater was there, the laundry was there. It was a whole other world. We must have had an attic too, because I don't remember much in the way of boxes and junk.

Well, thank you for coming down memory lane with me.
That was fun.
I must go to work now and make money. It is Friday and I plan to get down to serious Christmas decorating this weekend, including some outdoor lights - take advantage of the fact that snow has melted and the temps are still in the 40s.
Till later - Namaste.

PS - next time I will tell you about the LOOM ring I purchased at a flea market...cute silly story.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Raw Veggies

Having trouble following my acupuncturist's instructions...of course that actually means I am being a perfectionist and over critical of always.
I ate cheese today and some raw veggies...
I am supposed to refrain from dairy and raw veggies for a week as part of my treatment for stagnant liver qi.
Don't you know, the moment you are forbidden to eat something - THAT is the one morsel that will trully satisfy you. We almost never have fresh veggies in the house (though more often lately...which I have enjoyed).
Tonight Hubby came home with some broccoli and cauliflower; then he mixed up a nice mild ranch dip, cut up some dried Italian sausage and some fancy Italian cheese and wanted to have a tasting plate for our dinner...
RAW veggies! for dinner! It is like the veggies knew they were off limits and like ninja assassins, they found a way into my home, and onto a plate with dip!
I LOVE raw veggies and dip...preferably hummus (oh, did I mention he also brought me home some hummus for garlic addicts...he knows me so well). To be fair, he does not know about my recent instructions to avoid these things, and he is trying to shop for healthy things that I like.

OK, tomorrow is another day. I shall do my best to refrain from dairy and raw veggies. I shall choose not to think about dairy and raw veggies the way a dog thinks about a hamburger. I shall avoid, people, places and things that might make me succumb to raw veggies - OMG! I just remembered that I had a half a sub yesterday with cheese and lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles on it! Shoot! My spirit is willing, my qi is stagnant and my ability to choose is weak...sign.

Penguin Shuffle

Good morning!
Our first snow fall was yesterday and it stuck to the trees and the ground and turned the world into a lacey work of art. (I took a few photos and will up load soon).
This morning, all but a few patches is gone. will often hear me say "don't live here if you don't like winter" but I was reminded of my fear of slipping and falling when the snow was on the ground yesterday. I have been walking around, sure footed for the past eight months and don't want to give that up for the penguin shuffle of winter....guess I better adjust my attitude...
And as noted in my post yesterday - I am bristling against the "slow down".
It is ironic that these three weeks before Christmas have also become accelerated by the plans, the shopping, the parties. I have done almost no gift shopping. I have some ideas I would like to execute for the holiday party at work...banner saying Thanks to our Village Volunteers and perhaps a Christmas Song Parody (think Jingle bells) (Dashing down Main Street...gotta get my Chrissy all the mail...laughing all the day...HA HA HA...) Chrissy Beanz is our local coffee shop...
"Board Meetings, Board Meetings....." feel free to jump in here and suggest some lyrics...I know some of you are quite good at this kind of thing...Need to be as simple as the original...hoping to get a room full of people to join me in singing this.
OK...enough dawdling...time to shuffle off to work...just kidding, the sky is clear and blue and the sun is coming up over the garage and it looks like it will be another gorgeous day on Lake Ontario. And to be truthful, it is ALWAYS a gorgeous day on Lake Ontario.

Slow Down

I was talking with my friend Lois about "what is next" and how I felt agitated today and couldn't seem to get anything done no matter how fast I was trying to catch up.
She suggested I get still, get grounded, and be willing to wait and see what the Universe has in store for me.
I realized that instead of scurrying around my office trying to get more done, I should have slowed down...I felt really agitated and kind of foggy, like a bad PMS day - I should have slowed, or come to a stop just long enough to get back on earth - I would have been more productive...instead of feeling frazzled and unproductive.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Snow - Finally

Finally! Snow! I forgot all about it till this morning when Mom took me outside and we romped in the snow. I love rolling in the snow best of all - Mommy does not.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pins and Needles

Acupuncture adventure today. Had an excellent treatment and learned alot. Paying attention to my body and how it is feeling. She said to keep hydrating, that I might be sore tomorrow, like after a workout.
I have another appointment next week.
One more day off - this has been an excellent holiday. Tomorrow we want to get our Christmas stuff out and started putting the decorations up.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Good Morning

Great day! Day after Thanksgiving, day at home enjoying the quiet. Day of playing with art supplies and cooking with my husband.
He is teaching me the secrets of Duff (aka - stuffing)
We have had the most lovely couple of days. We went to dinner at my friend's mother's house last night and we met some new people, and ate and laughed.
Today we are making our chicken and stuffing and making the house smell like Thanksgiving.
I feel like I am getting the best of all worlds...time with friends...time at home...and hubby's yummy cooking.
It would be even better if there was time with family in there, but they are all far away at this time.
We are hoping to spend some time with them at Christmas.
Hubby called me outside alittle earlier - we have officially set a record in Jefferson County for the longest number of days between snow falls - and it is in the high 40's right now - so I went out in my coat and pajamas and we looked at the beautiful trees. We have six enormous pine trees in our front yard and he wanted me to come out and admire them with him.
I am all about admiring nature so it was a joy to go out and have him point out the beauty of the naked deciduous trees, and the magnificent, enormous, dinosauric (I just made that word up) pine trees that we have been blessed with.
What a gift.
He is still going through some kidney stone issues, but they are not debilitating. He is off alot of the medications that made him sleepy and distracted. And even though he is having problems with his teeth, he is finding joy in the every day. It is like a dream come true.
Now all we need is to get better paying jobs and lose weight (well I do) and coordinate world peace.
Till then, I am riding this moment of happiness and enjoying the beauty of the moments we share. It feels like we are new again. It feels great.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I am thankful for this mild start to winter. I don't know anything more about global warming than the next guy, but I keep reminding people that this time last year we were up to our thighs in snow.
Last year winter lasted from October through April and it never got warm until after July 4th...we were all in coats at the cook out.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It is a beautiful time of year.....last week it was cool and sunny everyday and at night it was black velvet with diamonds.
It was the kind of weather I love.
I was outside working in the yard with Mom and my assistant. Murphy hung out on the tether with us. He shines in the sun!
I walked Murphy and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine on my skin. It is the kind of weather that makes me never want to be inside again.

Mom and I also worked on organizing my desk and work area, and hung up the art which has been sitting in a corner of my bedroom for years. I am so excited to see my collection again and to remember who gave them to me, or where I got them and who made them. Three of them were made by my Uncle who I love dearly, two were made by one of my dearest friend's father. Many things remind me of my grandmother and our travels and time together. It all makes me so happy.

I have a big event tomorrow, having alot of people to the house. Nervous and excited!

We put hay down in the yard to keep the burrs down. I am hoping this will be an outside and "on the porch" party, hoping it doesn't rain. It did rain off and on since last night, and we have needed the rain...but....just for tomorrow...just for my event....please, please, please...let the special weather come back and make it fantastic to be outside again.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Just came back from seeing Julie and Julia at the mall. It was a movie that I did not want to end. I loved it! It made me see the world with hope. When I got home I walked Murphy down my dark country road and admired the dark and the stars. The moon is low and waning...looks huge and orange and delicious.
We walked in the dark, just up the block a bit and back. The air is so perfect, so sweet and light, like a butterfly kiss. I just breath it in and smile.
I am so in love with the air here. I was fantasizing about getting a camp site on the lake and going to bed, out in the air, and waking up, out in the air. I was in the park a couple weeks ago and saw a family sitting on the shore. Their chairs in the water and a cabana tent over them for some shade. The sun was very bright and warm and I could have happily fallen over in the water and splashed around. I was not up to walking home with sand in my pants, but it was fun to think about it. Murphy got his feet wet...he would like to go swimming too.
I wish I could share this feeling of happiness.
There are people in my life who don't know how to find it, see it, enjoy it. I wish I could help them, but it doesn't seem they want to be helped.

I worked my butt off this weekend, I threw things out, and dusted and rearranged furniture and turned the entrance area of my house into a warm and inviting and organized place. It took two days of hard core work and I could still tweek it a bit, but I am pretty happy with it. My Mom came out and stayed with me and helped helped helped. I am so grateful. She worked hard and kept me on track.
Thanks Mom!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moon, Stars and Cooler Days

Aaaah! 69 degrees, no humidity and blue skies!
Yes, summer took too long to get here but when it did get here it was too hot and WAY too humid! We had four ozone alert days in a row and I thought I had found my way into an alternate universe!
I admit, I wanted summer to get here as much as the next person, but when it did get here, I did not have time to go swimming, my family was gone from the camp, those very hot humid days did not come with sunshine....

I am just saying....summer this year was not the summer I had in mind and I therefore retract my previously made statements in which I expressed a desire for the heat of summer. I am heretofore happy to enjoy sunny days, with highs in the high 60's, open windows and sparkling reflections off the water which I enjoy walking to when it is not 80 degrees.

It was COLD last night! We got down in the 40's I put an extra quilt on the bed and it was perfectly lovely sleeping weather! I had the dog, my husband, and even the cat at one time, snuggling up to me. That is how I roll.

And have you seen the moon?

Tonight it is perfectly quartered.

It curves like a cartoon cutout and when it is low on the horizon, it has been orange, like a slice broken off an peeled fruit. It is delicious and two nights in a row I have driven home after dark and it has lingered directly over my house as I hurried home to my nest.

I imagined what delicious item it might be pouring over my house. My first thought was cream cheese. The next thought was orange soda. I think I have settled on an orange waterfall of light. Recently I have come to love the color orange and my house could use an infusion of light and vibrant life...I think the image of an orange waterfall of light is the image I will keep in my mind.

The stars have been outrageous. All summer, the sky has been too over cast to see the stars. Last year I took alot of late night walks on our dark country road, this year I was not inspired. Perhaps star watching season has finally begun again.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Arrives

Summer has been a long time coming this year. On July 4th I stood by the Harbor in the wind with my jacket wrapped around me, thinking a cup of hot cocoa would hit the spot....on JULY 4TH!!!

I have been busy busy working two jobs and I have not been able to enjoy enough outdoor time, though to be truthful, I can always say I don't have enough time outdoors.
That is why I moved here...more time with family and more time outside.
I have taken a few toodles and stopped for picture taking. Will post soon.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Marches On

Good morning! It is gray and cloudy with rain in the air and temps in the high 30's....c'est la vie in Northern New York.
My maple tree has bright red buds popping all over the ends of her naked branches and with the rain and gray they are showing up like neon this morning.
Had a flock of Pine Siskins come through over the weekend...fierce little goldfinch wannabe's...they kept the goldies off the sock feeders all weekend!

On Sunday it was sunny and gorgeous. I did not want to come indoors...I didn't want to put on a jacket either, but eventually I had to...still not that warm. So funny that I am looking forward to warm weather...I who have hated summer most of my life (except when I would spend it at Beaver Lake).
I weeded a bit, I walked my sweet baby Murphy, I dawdled outside talking with a neighbor, I checked out the shed and inventoried my gardening tools. Didn't get alot done but the air was so sweet and addictive I didn't want to go inside.
I did manage to get 14 tons of laundry done. My friends were talking about the joys of hanging laundry out to dry - since Hubby took down our line posts, I don't have to feel guilty about not going the extra mile to line dry our sheets...though the potential savings in electric costs certainly appeals to my slightly frugal nature.

Time to go to work. I had a second job at the local market for a very brief period of time, but decided not to keep it....too much effort and not enough payback. I had to stand for four hours straight at the cash register at $7.15 an hour. I was working a full day, then going to the grocery store and realized it was not smart...there are not enough hours in the week to work a seven dollar an hour job and make an impact on my family finances...I was going to wear myself out and not really help the situation. So I quit...I was still in training so I was not leaving them in the lurch with shifts to fill, and it wasn't that the job itself was unpleasant...the girl who trained me was lovely and smart and a good teacher....once I got on the register and was doing something instead of just standing there, it was easier. But I was having to cancel my chiropractic appointments and never be home in the evening; it was the smart thing to do. Normally, I would have worked myself into the ground and illness before giving up - I consider this progress.

Hubby will help me learn about posting and selling on ebay. I think I can see myself doing that - need to get on ebay and see what sells - what is desirable in today's market. to the "salt mine"!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Snow Geese - Harbingers of Spring

Acres and acres of white snow geese flocking in a field in Henderson, NY.

This was like something out of a science fiction movie...if I had not been there I would have thought it was a special effects project.

Look What Popped Up!

Look What Popped Up!
Originally uploaded by Gertibird
This was one of those moments that made me love the life I chose in this rural world.
My friend is an engineer and works with me for the Village.
Another friend told me he was playing with his chainsaw, cutting up the left over trees that were brought down during the wind storm early last fall.
I drove by and was so tickeled by the sight of those giant mushrooms I begged and harrassed and threatened to come over and steal one....
And Sunday he and his two adorable boys showed up at my door with my very own mushroom - hand carved and installed in Flying Squirrel World.
Everytime I look out my kitchen window I giggle.
I am so in love with this oversized fungus. I have always loved things that are over sized or things that are miniature.
When I was alittle girl, the Children's Museum outside Boston had this display with an giant sized phone, giant sized glasses, giant pencil and paperclip...(Very Land of the Giants - another favorite of mine) this was a magical place that I went to as often as I could convince my parent's to take me.

It is almost time to begin garden preparations. I have had a back problem for the past couple of weeks and know that I am on the mend but do not want to do anything to aggravate it. I have also been tired...just keeping up with a few chores has been about all I could accomplish these days. Don't know if that is stress, or because I am in pain, or because I am sleeping in the recliner...probably all of the above.
So for now, I walk around and check things out and look for green noses coming far only daffodils about two inches tall and the tiniest hint of the ancient iris population.
We have had lots of sun this past is deceptive because the temps are still in the 30's. Hubby said there was a dusting of snow early this morning when he took Murphy out.
Still wrapping my mind around what Spring means up here.
Still loving it...snow flurries and all.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Woke up this morning to minus 27 degrees.
Yes you read that right.

Luckily I did not feel that temperature since my house is reasonably tight and warm.

My shower has been on the fritz, but friends are helping my husband fix it today.
He had urology studies done this week and next month he has to have another test and a procedure. He is trying to keep a good attitude, but it is hard.

When we go outside, Murphy runs into the front yard and throws himself down and flips himself over and rubs his back in the snow. He loves the cool scratchiness of the snow when it has thawed a bit and refrozen.

Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow in Pennsylvania, but apparently Chuck in Staten Island did not AND he bit Mayor Bloomberg! Go Chuck!!!
Just on principle I think politicians should be bitten once in a while. Especially, billionaire politicians.

I have a new boss at work - a new third in 18 months. Yes, it is a thankless job that pays next to nothing. And me....I hate change.....
I better get better at rolling with it....

OK - I am off to warm up my toes by the radiator.
Happy Trails to You!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Meditation

Just came back from a glorious walk in the snow. The street is nearly silent. Murphy is padding ahead and the snow is crunchy underfoot. It is perfect, not slippery, not too cold. Funny how temperatures in the 20's seem reasonable and even warm, after a sub zero week.

Wish I had a digital video of the snow falling silently and slowly in the bi-chromatic world of winter. It is meditative when the snow falls without the wind speeding it to the ground or sending it sideways.

RIcky and I shoveled and now we are hanging out in the bedroom having coffee, watching Startrek: Enterprise. Startrek is always soothing.

Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty
Originally uploaded by Gertibird
I love this picture. Look at the dome of snow on top of the left hand bird feeder.
Unfortunately all the feeders are empty and I can't get to them right now. The snow is too deep right now.
I am going to put out a plate of seed and peanuts and push it over with a broom or something. Can't let my feathered friends go hungry!
I also love the recycled wreath! I put peanut butter on it and sprinkled it with seed. I have a picture of a squirrel in the wreath and a chickadee sitting on the side of it at the same time. It is very festive. I will try and get it posted soon.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter Romp

What an odd day! Started at 7am when Hubby and Murphy woke me up by knocking on the bedroom window. They were outside, up to their respective body parts in snow! Murphy looked like he was swimming in it!

It is now after noon and I just came inside from a romp myself. I put on my snow shoes; let me tell you, that was the hardest part!!! I need to put a chair in the garage so I can put them on more easily. It was fun!
We walked all around the house. I checked out the job the guy did plowing and saw that the end of the driveway needs to be plowed out AGAIN! The big plows have put a small mountain at the end of the drive. It is no big deal. We could get out in the truck if we really wanted to, and there isn't anthing we I am going to write a bit, nap a bit, and work on my Christmas gift for my Mom.
Yes, I know, I am alittle late.
It took alittle while to get going. I am making a calendar for her. It is an ordinary calendar, month at a glance, but I have filled it with pictures and quotes, and stickers and rub on words. I think she will like it.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Travel Companion

Travel Companion
Originally uploaded by Gertibird
Went out for a toodle. That is when you drive around with no particular place to be, or agenda of sights to see. It is best undertaken with a golden retriever and an artistic friend or family member. I prefer my toodles with my Mom. We are only able to take summer toodles at this point in life, but I am working on her spending some time up here...wheedling - I believe is the expression.
Murphy and I went out and drove one of my favorite local drives and I took picture of the road - a few places I have documented in various stages of seasonal change.
The world changes so dramatically here from lush summer freedom to winter wonder and safety planning. It is hard to believe that the snow covered hillside was once covered in bouquets of Queen Anne's Lace.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

An Hour of Reverie

We create our own magic and madness; we wallow in the memories and linger in the frozen past discarded on the ground, between layers of newspaper and last year's subscriptions where we dream of projects and adventures and wonder at the distance of it all.
The secret wars and healing scars can be left behind for an hour of reverie - an hour of ritual and tea - an hour of me and the world behind the window, cold and blue and white - and only feathered friends - that fly when I come too close.