Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Meditation

Just came back from a glorious walk in the snow. The street is nearly silent. Murphy is padding ahead and the snow is crunchy underfoot. It is perfect, not slippery, not too cold. Funny how temperatures in the 20's seem reasonable and even warm, after a sub zero week.

Wish I had a digital video of the snow falling silently and slowly in the bi-chromatic world of winter. It is meditative when the snow falls without the wind speeding it to the ground or sending it sideways.

RIcky and I shoveled and now we are hanging out in the bedroom having coffee, watching Startrek: Enterprise. Startrek is always soothing.

Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty
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I love this picture. Look at the dome of snow on top of the left hand bird feeder.
Unfortunately all the feeders are empty and I can't get to them right now. The snow is too deep right now.
I am going to put out a plate of seed and peanuts and push it over with a broom or something. Can't let my feathered friends go hungry!
I also love the recycled wreath! I put peanut butter on it and sprinkled it with seed. I have a picture of a squirrel in the wreath and a chickadee sitting on the side of it at the same time. It is very festive. I will try and get it posted soon.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter Romp

What an odd day! Started at 7am when Hubby and Murphy woke me up by knocking on the bedroom window. They were outside, up to their respective body parts in snow! Murphy looked like he was swimming in it!

It is now after noon and I just came inside from a romp myself. I put on my snow shoes; let me tell you, that was the hardest part!!! I need to put a chair in the garage so I can put them on more easily. It was fun!
We walked all around the house. I checked out the job the guy did plowing and saw that the end of the driveway needs to be plowed out AGAIN! The big plows have put a small mountain at the end of the drive. It is no big deal. We could get out in the truck if we really wanted to, and there isn't anthing we I am going to write a bit, nap a bit, and work on my Christmas gift for my Mom.
Yes, I know, I am alittle late.
It took alittle while to get going. I am making a calendar for her. It is an ordinary calendar, month at a glance, but I have filled it with pictures and quotes, and stickers and rub on words. I think she will like it.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Travel Companion

Travel Companion
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Went out for a toodle. That is when you drive around with no particular place to be, or agenda of sights to see. It is best undertaken with a golden retriever and an artistic friend or family member. I prefer my toodles with my Mom. We are only able to take summer toodles at this point in life, but I am working on her spending some time up here...wheedling - I believe is the expression.
Murphy and I went out and drove one of my favorite local drives and I took picture of the road - a few places I have documented in various stages of seasonal change.
The world changes so dramatically here from lush summer freedom to winter wonder and safety planning. It is hard to believe that the snow covered hillside was once covered in bouquets of Queen Anne's Lace.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

An Hour of Reverie

We create our own magic and madness; we wallow in the memories and linger in the frozen past discarded on the ground, between layers of newspaper and last year's subscriptions where we dream of projects and adventures and wonder at the distance of it all.
The secret wars and healing scars can be left behind for an hour of reverie - an hour of ritual and tea - an hour of me and the world behind the window, cold and blue and white - and only feathered friends - that fly when I come too close.