Thursday, February 5, 2009

Woke up this morning to minus 27 degrees.
Yes you read that right.

Luckily I did not feel that temperature since my house is reasonably tight and warm.

My shower has been on the fritz, but friends are helping my husband fix it today.
He had urology studies done this week and next month he has to have another test and a procedure. He is trying to keep a good attitude, but it is hard.

When we go outside, Murphy runs into the front yard and throws himself down and flips himself over and rubs his back in the snow. He loves the cool scratchiness of the snow when it has thawed a bit and refrozen.

Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow in Pennsylvania, but apparently Chuck in Staten Island did not AND he bit Mayor Bloomberg! Go Chuck!!!
Just on principle I think politicians should be bitten once in a while. Especially, billionaire politicians.

I have a new boss at work - a new third in 18 months. Yes, it is a thankless job that pays next to nothing. And me....I hate change.....
I better get better at rolling with it....

OK - I am off to warm up my toes by the radiator.
Happy Trails to You!

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