Monday, March 23, 2009

Look What Popped Up!

Look What Popped Up!
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This was one of those moments that made me love the life I chose in this rural world.
My friend is an engineer and works with me for the Village.
Another friend told me he was playing with his chainsaw, cutting up the left over trees that were brought down during the wind storm early last fall.
I drove by and was so tickeled by the sight of those giant mushrooms I begged and harrassed and threatened to come over and steal one....
And Sunday he and his two adorable boys showed up at my door with my very own mushroom - hand carved and installed in Flying Squirrel World.
Everytime I look out my kitchen window I giggle.
I am so in love with this oversized fungus. I have always loved things that are over sized or things that are miniature.
When I was alittle girl, the Children's Museum outside Boston had this display with an giant sized phone, giant sized glasses, giant pencil and paperclip...(Very Land of the Giants - another favorite of mine) this was a magical place that I went to as often as I could convince my parent's to take me.

It is almost time to begin garden preparations. I have had a back problem for the past couple of weeks and know that I am on the mend but do not want to do anything to aggravate it. I have also been tired...just keeping up with a few chores has been about all I could accomplish these days. Don't know if that is stress, or because I am in pain, or because I am sleeping in the recliner...probably all of the above.
So for now, I walk around and check things out and look for green noses coming far only daffodils about two inches tall and the tiniest hint of the ancient iris population.
We have had lots of sun this past is deceptive because the temps are still in the 30's. Hubby said there was a dusting of snow early this morning when he took Murphy out.
Still wrapping my mind around what Spring means up here.
Still loving it...snow flurries and all.

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