Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Marches On

Good morning! It is gray and cloudy with rain in the air and temps in the high 30's....c'est la vie in Northern New York.
My maple tree has bright red buds popping all over the ends of her naked branches and with the rain and gray they are showing up like neon this morning.
Had a flock of Pine Siskins come through over the weekend...fierce little goldfinch wannabe's...they kept the goldies off the sock feeders all weekend!

On Sunday it was sunny and gorgeous. I did not want to come indoors...I didn't want to put on a jacket either, but eventually I had to...still not that warm. So funny that I am looking forward to warm weather...I who have hated summer most of my life (except when I would spend it at Beaver Lake).
I weeded a bit, I walked my sweet baby Murphy, I dawdled outside talking with a neighbor, I checked out the shed and inventoried my gardening tools. Didn't get alot done but the air was so sweet and addictive I didn't want to go inside.
I did manage to get 14 tons of laundry done. My friends were talking about the joys of hanging laundry out to dry - since Hubby took down our line posts, I don't have to feel guilty about not going the extra mile to line dry our sheets...though the potential savings in electric costs certainly appeals to my slightly frugal nature.

Time to go to work. I had a second job at the local market for a very brief period of time, but decided not to keep it....too much effort and not enough payback. I had to stand for four hours straight at the cash register at $7.15 an hour. I was working a full day, then going to the grocery store and realized it was not smart...there are not enough hours in the week to work a seven dollar an hour job and make an impact on my family finances...I was going to wear myself out and not really help the situation. So I quit...I was still in training so I was not leaving them in the lurch with shifts to fill, and it wasn't that the job itself was unpleasant...the girl who trained me was lovely and smart and a good teacher....once I got on the register and was doing something instead of just standing there, it was easier. But I was having to cancel my chiropractic appointments and never be home in the evening; it was the smart thing to do. Normally, I would have worked myself into the ground and illness before giving up - I consider this progress.

Hubby will help me learn about posting and selling on ebay. I think I can see myself doing that - need to get on ebay and see what sells - what is desirable in today's market.

OK...off to the "salt mine"!