Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moon, Stars and Cooler Days

Aaaah! 69 degrees, no humidity and blue skies!
Yes, summer took too long to get here but when it did get here it was too hot and WAY too humid! We had four ozone alert days in a row and I thought I had found my way into an alternate universe!
I admit, I wanted summer to get here as much as the next person, but when it did get here, I did not have time to go swimming, my family was gone from the camp, those very hot humid days did not come with sunshine....

I am just saying....summer this year was not the summer I had in mind and I therefore retract my previously made statements in which I expressed a desire for the heat of summer. I am heretofore happy to enjoy sunny days, with highs in the high 60's, open windows and sparkling reflections off the water which I enjoy walking to when it is not 80 degrees.

It was COLD last night! We got down in the 40's I put an extra quilt on the bed and it was perfectly lovely sleeping weather! I had the dog, my husband, and even the cat at one time, snuggling up to me. That is how I roll.

And have you seen the moon?

Tonight it is perfectly quartered.

It curves like a cartoon cutout and when it is low on the horizon, it has been orange, like a slice broken off an peeled fruit. It is delicious and two nights in a row I have driven home after dark and it has lingered directly over my house as I hurried home to my nest.

I imagined what delicious item it might be pouring over my house. My first thought was cream cheese. The next thought was orange soda. I think I have settled on an orange waterfall of light. Recently I have come to love the color orange and my house could use an infusion of light and vibrant life...I think the image of an orange waterfall of light is the image I will keep in my mind.

The stars have been outrageous. All summer, the sky has been too over cast to see the stars. Last year I took alot of late night walks on our dark country road, this year I was not inspired. Perhaps star watching season has finally begun again.