Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It is a beautiful time of year.....last week it was cool and sunny everyday and at night it was black velvet with diamonds.
It was the kind of weather I love.
I was outside working in the yard with Mom and my assistant. Murphy hung out on the tether with us. He shines in the sun!
I walked Murphy and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine on my skin. It is the kind of weather that makes me never want to be inside again.

Mom and I also worked on organizing my desk and work area, and hung up the art which has been sitting in a corner of my bedroom for years. I am so excited to see my collection again and to remember who gave them to me, or where I got them and who made them. Three of them were made by my Uncle who I love dearly, two were made by one of my dearest friend's father. Many things remind me of my grandmother and our travels and time together. It all makes me so happy.

I have a big event tomorrow, having alot of people to the house. Nervous and excited!

We put hay down in the yard to keep the burrs down. I am hoping this will be an outside and "on the porch" party, hoping it doesn't rain. It did rain off and on since last night, and we have needed the rain...but....just for tomorrow...just for my event....please, please, please...let the special weather come back and make it fantastic to be outside again.

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