Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pins and Needles

Acupuncture adventure today. Had an excellent treatment and learned alot. Paying attention to my body and how it is feeling. She said to keep hydrating, that I might be sore tomorrow, like after a workout.
I have another appointment next week.
One more day off - this has been an excellent holiday. Tomorrow we want to get our Christmas stuff out and started putting the decorations up.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Good Morning

Great day! Day after Thanksgiving, day at home enjoying the quiet. Day of playing with art supplies and cooking with my husband.
He is teaching me the secrets of Duff (aka - stuffing)
We have had the most lovely couple of days. We went to dinner at my friend's mother's house last night and we met some new people, and ate and laughed.
Today we are making our chicken and stuffing and making the house smell like Thanksgiving.
I feel like I am getting the best of all worlds...time with friends...time at home...and hubby's yummy cooking.
It would be even better if there was time with family in there, but they are all far away at this time.
We are hoping to spend some time with them at Christmas.
Hubby called me outside alittle earlier - we have officially set a record in Jefferson County for the longest number of days between snow falls - and it is in the high 40's right now - so I went out in my coat and pajamas and we looked at the beautiful trees. We have six enormous pine trees in our front yard and he wanted me to come out and admire them with him.
I am all about admiring nature so it was a joy to go out and have him point out the beauty of the naked deciduous trees, and the magnificent, enormous, dinosauric (I just made that word up) pine trees that we have been blessed with.
What a gift.
He is still going through some kidney stone issues, but they are not debilitating. He is off alot of the medications that made him sleepy and distracted. And even though he is having problems with his teeth, he is finding joy in the every day. It is like a dream come true.
Now all we need is to get better paying jobs and lose weight (well I do) and coordinate world peace.
Till then, I am riding this moment of happiness and enjoying the beauty of the moments we share. It feels like we are new again. It feels great.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I am thankful for this mild start to winter. I don't know anything more about global warming than the next guy, but I keep reminding people that this time last year we were up to our thighs in snow.
Last year winter lasted from October through April and it never got warm until after July 4th...we were all in coats at the cook out.