Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

Slept too long. Woke up with bad dreams.
Murphy was missing in my dream...but I found him. Also in the dream I ran into one of my oldest friends who no longer talks to me, and we were too angry to get through it; plus another friend who recently got sober told me he was high again.
Made me glad to wake up and get out of bed and wake up to the real world.

It is over 40 degrees outside and the world is dripping and melting.
Hubby is having yet another kidney stone attack and trying trying trying to put a positive spin on it. Last CT scan showed four stones in one kidney and 2 in the other. Why they are all deciding to move at one time (this is his fifth on in two weeks!) we don't understand. It is not fun.

Had a wonderful Christmas. So many lovely, thoughtful gifts!
A gorgeous pair of Barbara Bixby earrings! So perfect!

There is laundry to be done, and so many areas of the house that could stand straightening, or a good scrubbing. Tempted to go our for a drive while the weather, no ice is forming and there is a modicum of gray daylight. Don't really need anything, but a short outing could be fun.

Hubby made chicken parm last night...sauce from scratch! Perfection!
So much to be grateful for.

I am grateful for my cozy home and my loving husband.
I am grateful for my cozy fur children and their affection and good health.
I am grateful for my mother who is far away now, but always close in my heart.
I am grateful for my brothers and sister who are so smart and interesting.
I am grateful for my friends who are so generous with their love and good humor.
I am grateful for my job and health insurance.
A rare family portrait from this summer when everyone pitched in with my campaign for county clerk. I love them all so much! to start a load of laundry!

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