Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lovely lazy day today. Got some of the Christmas stuff out, need to tackle the big boxes down in the basement. Had dinner at Cracker Barrel with Hubby, thought of my dear friends in Shreveport when I ordered Chicken Fried Chicken....remembered a trip to the casinos and the chicken fried steak that was the size of a frisbee, and the fun we had with twenty dollars in quarters and the slot machines. We did make or own party where ever we went. I remember watching the numbers and cherries roll past on the machine and the three of us chanting "seven, seven, seven. seven, seven, seven." probably at the top of our lungs...I remember smiling alot.

Hubby has a kidney stone brewing. It is long over due, which is a good thing. Maybe they are coming less frequently. All we can do is pray...there is no fix. AND the insurance companies won't even pay to have them broken up unless they get to a certain size....the doctors just press pain pills on him and tell him to pass them on his own. It is barbaric.

Had one art day this fall with my mother and old family friends. Isn't this just the most beautiful mess you have ever seen?

Tomorrow we will do more decorating.
I did get alittle time to paint and journal. Working in three books at the same time. Never done that before. One big new book and two small books that I started ages ago and set aside. So I paint a page, let it dry, pick up another book, do alittle drawing or coloring, set it aside, pick up the third book, glue something, paint something, or cut something up...Feels like I have been very productive, mostly it just feels fun to let loose and experiment. Reading some magazines and blogs to get some new ideas as I approach so many blank pages at once!

Moving off to bed now.
Nighty night!

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