Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Penguin Shuffle

Good morning!
Our first snow fall was yesterday and it stuck to the trees and the ground and turned the world into a lacey work of art. (I took a few photos and will up load soon).
This morning, all but a few patches is gone. will often hear me say "don't live here if you don't like winter" but I was reminded of my fear of slipping and falling when the snow was on the ground yesterday. I have been walking around, sure footed for the past eight months and don't want to give that up for the penguin shuffle of winter....guess I better adjust my attitude...
And as noted in my post yesterday - I am bristling against the "slow down".
It is ironic that these three weeks before Christmas have also become accelerated by the plans, the shopping, the parties. I have done almost no gift shopping. I have some ideas I would like to execute for the holiday party at work...banner saying Thanks to our Village Volunteers and perhaps a Christmas Song Parody (think Jingle bells) (Dashing down Main Street...gotta get my Chrissy all the mail...laughing all the day...HA HA HA...) Chrissy Beanz is our local coffee shop...
"Board Meetings, Board Meetings....." feel free to jump in here and suggest some lyrics...I know some of you are quite good at this kind of thing...Need to be as simple as the original...hoping to get a room full of people to join me in singing this.
OK...enough dawdling...time to shuffle off to work...just kidding, the sky is clear and blue and the sun is coming up over the garage and it looks like it will be another gorgeous day on Lake Ontario. And to be truthful, it is ALWAYS a gorgeous day on Lake Ontario.

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